Rites of Magick

Hail and bright be the blessed moon
Come now we gather to ask a boon
Prayers to Our Mother we humbly place
We walk in the moonlight, in our Fathers Grace

Great Father Poseidon
Keeper of the Waters ways
Bring forth your trident
To watch the by ways

Greetings and salutations
Great Mother of the North
Your blessings we seek
While we sally forth

Hail and be welcome
Keeper of Airs breath
Sweet is the stuff of life
We become one with your step

Bright is the Fires flame
Mother Bridget the fair Bride
Home we come now
To your everlasting side
Your cloak we borrow to guard us from pain

Hail and be welcome my brethren one and all
Thank you for hearing the rituals call
Tonight we gather in moonlight bold
To enact the rite that is millennia old
Hail to our Fore Mothers
Bright be their memories
Hail to our Fore Fathers
Blessed be their wisdom shared
Hail to the divine for meeting with us here
To hear us speak the words of  peace
We now drawn near

Karma brings it's toil and care
For things sometimes we are unaware
We seek answers to our pains and foes
We seek peace in times of trouble
We seek answers for our woes
We call upon the Gods of old
To light up the lights and help us to know
The path that is clear for us to go

Tonight the magick of Sedhir,
The power to make change
Hail my Lady Freya, mistress of storms
Walker of your own pathways
Show to us the way to be strong
No matter the mischief  Loki throws
Along the pathway we call life

Bend and flow the power goes
Reach out to the forces around you
Send the power out and about
To make changes for the good in those around you
Feel the power grow and shift
Feel the force within you
Forget not to fill up the well
And let it flow to those who need you

Rise up and be strong, let Sedhir fill you
Walk between the worlds
On a rainbow path before you
Sparkle and glow, let the power show
Like a dance of light around you
Listen to the lighting crackle
Watch it dance on your fingertips lightly
Shape the power to your needs intent
And send it forth to shine brightly

Seek to empower not yourselves alone
But all of the Mothers children
To the weak give strength
To the strong give compassion
To the children give your blessings
To the wise give your attention
To the foolish give your wisdom
To meek give your encouragement
To the sick give your healing
To the lost be a bright light for seeking

And through it all give also to yourself
For you must nourish the self as well as the world
Abundance in your power
Abundance in your keeping
Abundance for all you do
For only when you have a thing
Can you give a thing
As a well fills and is emptied
It must yet be filled again
Or all go thirsty

Blessings be brethren mine
May the Mothers light be upon you
May Mother Freya's light shine bright
Through your eyes, your heart
And your mind this night

Moonlight on the waters way
We thank you for your guardians stays
Blessings be

Pale the shadows on Earth does fall
We thank you that you heed our call
Blessings be

Softly does the night wind blow
We thank you for the fellowship you show
Blessings be

Blessings Mother Bridget
Born of fires flame
Sweet mistress of cradles song
We thank you that you came
Blessings be


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