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My Art palet image
A little bit of me on my more creative days
or insane ones depending on your point of view .. :)
Warning .. get some coffeepack a lunch you could be here a while:) a bite to eat maybe,
and get comfy as a few of them could take a bit to load ,but worth it

Go to Pagan and Proud Number Two .... Pagan Art
and Look at them all Large sized in the Print Sale Gallery

Ya don't have to buy in order to look
( I would bless you thou.. :)
The Sale Gallery
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Personal Pet Peeve.. so called public domain.. that isn't !

To all my breathen of the Rainbow

This is a Token of Love for All of The
"Colorful" Pagans out There....
To all the Rainbow Witch's a Warm Hail and Welcome
And yes Proud to say..that includes Me... :) Bi as the day is long and have Been
Since I first discovered there were two Sexes

he/she anitmated gif

Out of the Closet and Staying OUT ! :)
The male/female Animation is my own creation .. feel free to swipe..

More animation's
And if anyone knows who did the rainbow pent ?
Please tell me...! so I can credit them

Memorial to my Brother in spirit
and a challenge to all of you, to help make a difference in AIDS/HIV

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You guessed it.. thata wayThat way
Whew, need to take one last short break here

Needed another break herespaceDr. Pepper gotta love it
Ok on with the tickling the keys......just a little bit more

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I have done my best to bring you a little bit of me...
some of this, some of that...things I felt would inform,
teach, and entertain
To let you take a small peek into my room
I hope I have succeeded
If you would please... :)
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