Yule Rites

Hail to the Oak King
Born on Yule Day
Hail and Fairwell the Holly King
Who is seen passing this way
The Year is gone
Yet the Year is to come
Hail and Blessings Be

Quite the Fires burn
Dark is the Night
Come forth Salamanders of Fire
To light up the Rite

Still the Waters in Icy domain
Cold is the Realm of waters fane
Come Forth Undines of Water
To quench the Thirst for Knowledge

Frosted Lies the Land
Earth is quite and still'
Come Forth The greens of Winter
The evergreens to remind of springtime's will

Howl does the Wind
Airs voice is heard loud
Come forth Sylphs of Air
Let the land ring with your sound

Mistletoe sprigs
Gathered with care
Life and Love everlasting
For those who stand here

The  year wheel turns, the power burns
The Sun tells us all of it's story
May all life shout in life's turnabout
For the return of the Sun in it's glory

The Tree of  Tannenbaum
Hung with  our wishes and gifts of life
Bright is this day of Yuletide
Gone are the woes of strife

Gifts are given this day of Lights
To remind all of the Gift, of tomorrow's life
To spend it well is our call tonight
Hail My Lords and Ladies,
May we shine with your light

Rebirth, New life, a chance to live again
Hail Divine Ones and hold close and near
 On this long cold night of winter
Those we love most dear

Queen of the Cold darkness
Ice Mother of Life-in-Death
Hail and blessed is thy gift of new life
Born again is the Sun of new promise
Of the year to shine yet again

Saturnalia, Great Saturn, We remember you
When all the past is forgiven
When all wrongs are forgotten, Face forward
To the new year we have been given

Time to Cast away, as in the Druids Rite
Any and all, which impedes the light
From shadows gloom
We light the room
Of heart as well as the Night

The Yule Log burns
Great Thor learns, of our needs in the Night
Hail Mighty Warrior, Defender of Midgard
Whose hand protects us with his Might

 Powers of Air
Winter gales, and colds caresses
Sweep clean our minds of last years thoughts
 For the ideas of the new year to come
Hail and blessed be

 Powers of Fire
Of the hearth fires of winters chill
Purify our hearts with thy flame
 For the challenges of the new year to come
Hail and blessed be

 Powers of Water
Crystal snowflakes, The Sparkling ice falls
Let our emotions flow strong
 For the feelings of the new year to come
Hail and blessed be

 Powers of Earth
Snow-covered mountains,
Silent majesty in the night
Grant to us stability
 For the tasks of the new year to come
Hail and blessed be


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