The Pentagon
Pentagon by Starwind
The Center from which we Work

.. Sacred Geometry Part 3 ..

According to Geometry, the Pentagon is the last of the solid forms
for one simple reason, it is the last form you can make
out of the other shapes that fits together perfectly

It's a 5 sided figure, which , if you study the meaning of numbers
5, is the most sacred of all, much study has been done on it
See Here  (off site link) .. for a good page on it, if your interested

Now why? For the simple reason .. Nearly all of the natural world
comes in that number
Even US

Now there's been a great deal of Woo haw regarding it
with respect to say .. The Pentagon in Washington .. I mean why did they make
the building with 5 sides instead of four ?

In my page on the Pentagram you can see that if you take a Pentagon
and draw lines out from it you get a Pentagram
and since a Pentagram can reach out forever
it's symbol for the building in Washington becomes apparent. It was intended

to show its completeness and balance, it's far reaching effects ,
at least that was the plan supposedly .. :)

Not to mention it looks cool .. I mean, why be an builder 
if you can't create something new once in a while ?

And that center courtyard, gotta love it .. :)
Picnic on the Quad anyone ?

Art and architecture makes much use of geometry in creating pleasing shapes
and we humans Like the Pentagon

Ok, aside from its being pleasing to the eye .. why ?

Balance ... and versatility as one

The circle can overlap and create wonderful forms like the Flower of life ,.. Or the Simple square .. solid and stable ..
the Pyramid which is both of these at once ... the circle squared, but where does the Pentagon come in ?

These sides are all the elements .. as one ..
Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Either or Spirit, but stable, measurable

Build something with square blocks and after a certain point it has to be supported in some manner .. ditto the circle ..
even the pentagram given it's shape .. not the pentagon. You can stack pentagonal shapes into each other until your blue
in the face, and it will remain stable .. it is finite .. all sides can be measured to a concrete finished number.. like the square ..
but more versatile as its shape leans into itself .. and holds the item built from them .. stable

Now what does that mean in Esoteric terms ?

It is the square .. with more.. a square in Esoteric terms
is the basic elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air .. alone

The Pentagon adds more .. like its kin the pentagram .. it adds
Spirit .. the spark of life, what makes a thing living

It is an attempt to bring spirit into a basic elemental form
but in a fashion unlike the Pentagram ,which has no end,
the Pentagon is finite

Meaning .. Human

We live on Earth, we are human
and it is only through material reality that we can do anything

We are, as a friend of mind has as her e-mail signature
" Spiritual beings... having a human experience "

However, we ARE Human :)

At least I think so.. some  people are a little questionable, but no matter :)

The Pentagon is a perfect example of this concept

While we can transcend the Earthly form, it's how Ritual operates ...
We cannot ignore, that we Are Human beings doing it

As a mediation tool, the Pentagon works very well, because since we are finite humans,
working with something that is also finite, is a good starting point

It allows you to Explore all the facets of the self .. because while it is finite, it can grow,
to any size you need it to be. Make the Pentagon into a solid 3D form
and you end up with something that looks like a Soccer ball

Now this form, has no limits other than the size of the pentagon you started with,
does the term geodesic dome mean anything to you ?
Ever seen the The Epcot Center in Australia ?

While most such are made from triangles, you can make one with a pentagon,
it's called a bucky ball of all things, for a man named Buckland,
( the guy who came up with the thing ..) anyway,
you can take a line sided shape and make a what ?

A Circle .. the infinite, a never ending cycle that has no beginning or end ,
which shows us the whole of creation and spins off into forever.
All matter is interrelated, which such a dome shows,
there is no such thing as empty space, as is stated in Philosophy

"There is nothing in the world with
any independent existence:
all is bound together by
an unalterable chain of causation."

When we stand in the middle of the Pentagon, the womb of our humanity, from this form
we can reach out into forever, as all things are linked to each other.
This is what the pentagon trys to show us

Even if it's not a perfect circle.. it's a little more kin to the Soccer Ball, but that's Ok..
To be human is to Feel like the Universe's Soccer Ball once in a while : )
If ya know what I mean , hehehehehe

However, it does show

That despite the fact we are bound in Human form, we can reach beyond that limitation,
this is the lesson one may learn from it

Because to quote Aristotle again

"The highest form is that of the Good,
which is the ultimate basis of all the rest,
and the first cause of being and knowledge.

Ideas derived from the impressions of the senses
can never give us the knowledge of true being --
i.e. of the forms. It can only be obtained
by the soul's activity within itself. "

The Pentagon that is the Center of the Pentagram which we use as our symbol is this concept .. 
Our senses are not enough ,
we must transcend them, even thou we are limited to 
a human, finite state. As the Pentagon is able to do, by its very nature,

to reach out beyond its finite limits, into forever .. :)
.. May you enjoy the ride ..

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