sunCeres Great Mother of Grainsun


Hail to thee, Great Mother Be
Of Sunshine's Glory ..Your Wheaten Mane

Round and Round the Torches Go
Around the Fields
With your Sacred Flame

When Famine Stalked the Land
Prayers were Made
For Your Loving Hand

Harvesters in the Field
With Their sickles Held High

Called Your name in Thankfulness
For the Bounty of Wheat and Rye

On Every Lane
That Man does Walk
Where the Sunshine Falls

There is your Loving Embrace
The Warm kiss that Enthralls

Giver of the Law art Thou
Lady of Justice
and Mender of Pain

Hail and Welcome Bringer of Life
Who Shines to dry the Rain

Blessed Be the Harvest of thy Joy
May we Ever sing your Name



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