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Candle Magick
For many 1000's of years, mankind has used candles
in making Magick...even the art of making the candle itself,
can be a form of magick...mixing herb with spell
to make a living, burning, charm

The following are some simple Magicks and correlation's
using this ancient form, and a few thoughts on the subject as a whole

I used to have a three branch candelabra on my altar space...for mind, body and soul
at this point in time, I have two, one for the Goddess, and one for the God
I used to have one that had seven and before that four...each with their own meanings
and representations... more on the numerology etc.
behind such things, at a later date.... :) At least as far as my
limited understanding of such matters will allow for.

I start almost every ritual with a small candle magick...using this rack of candles
It sets the tone, as it were, in my mind

Each candle is "named" as it's lit...For example:
to light...lite the right hand candle...to love...lite the left hand candle
to Harmony...lite the center candle, or Invoking the Goddess and the God
This has the effect of focusing the mind...
as I move from one to the other.

The first two are almost always the same...
at least for me...the last being the focus
or reason for the rite

Then on to the four corners....each "named" again,
as they are lit for the meanings of each section...
before the guardians are summoned

To Earth...green is thy blessings on this rite
To Air...soft is the breath of the Gods
To Fire...blessed be the purifying fire
To Water...cool is the drink of heaven

The words vary, but the intent is the same...the candles flame
is a prayer of rejoicing and a petition for connection with
the Gods...the first of many, in any rite...by the time you get all the candles lit...
you should be in the right frame of mind

There are many books on the color of candles that say that
one should use this color for this and that color for that... and I will recount
some of them here ... as color influences vibrations and the Feng Shui
of the environment and therefore ... influences you

But I must point out, our forebears,
who where much much better at such magicks,
than most of us will ever be, didn't have a rainbow of colors to pick from
and they did just fine thank you :)

In fact, the tradition is for the Witch to make her own candles,
at least for some things, imbibed with spell and color and herb
for different intents, as many still do, myself included :)
which I will cover in brief, further down the page

However, if you not that handy and or, that adventurous
store bought is just fine, if treated properly

You see, candles are not just a source of light in this case
but a source of magick and prayer for your rites

For example: A long burning, tall candle, called a seven day
is commonplace in many religions. Letting a candle burn
continuously as an act of faith, is not limited to Pagan Magick
There are many faiths who keep a perpetual flame
going on their altar space...

This is a form of Candle Magick

Preparing Store Bought Candles

There are about as many ways to do this, as there are people,
but I will see if I can outline some basics

The simplest form is water that has been blessed
and the candles dipped into it and or the water sprinkled on them

Blessing water can be a simple prayer over the water
...with a tiny dash of salt to purify it... then,
with reverence and the will, you dip all the candles in this water
that you wish to bless

To a very elaborate rite with full power charging of the water
by every means you have... it's a question of what is needed for what you intend


This is another way that is very simple, which is to take essential oils
and rub the outside of the candle in a meditative state.. 
Again the force of the Will is what matters here

This is often called "dressing " the candle

My favorite is the thrice around and down, where you circle your energy
from top to bottom over and over...generally with a chanted mantra

Another is to run your fingers from the middle to the top
and then middle to the bottom..times seven by tradition...
If the candle is in a container..a few drops rubbed about on top
three times around...while envisioning your intent, works fairly well too

There are lots of esoteric reasons for this, but mainly because
all things have an energy field and candles are no exception..

Part of what you are trying to do is change these fields
to work as you want them to work, to your personal vibration.
As well as to remove any stray vibrations they may have picked up from elsewhere.

It stands to reason, a candle you have handled and blessed
and meditated over will have much more meaning for you
and be " charged " with your personal vibrations
when it comes time to use it, than one you just yank out of a drawer
...as the Will is everything in Magick

For example: For a healing rite you could take...a green candle
blessed with oil of clove or lavender or pine..and call upon any number of Goddesses
such as Gaia, Diana or Isis... focusing your will on the candle to aid you in your intent
which is to send healing energy, all the while focusing on your intent
which is to heal, making the candle an extension of your Will

A short study on the attributes of any of the faces of the divine,
will tell you which oils/colors... are traditional for which Gods/Goddess...
See below for a chart

But we are not bound by tradition alone... recall that someone, way back when,
created what we call " traditional " now... by their own mediations and intuition
if they could figure them out that way...so can you

In other words, if all you have is white, use them. One time I did a peace
rite using pink and white swirled birthday cake candles !
Because they were all I had to hand at the time...And it worked just fine
Had to make it quick though, they don't burn very long :)

Work with what works...build your intuition as to what is suitable... if the heart be true, there is no
" wrong " way to do it ...so it becomes a real part of the rites you hold...from start to finish

However, to give you a starting point for your studies on
the matter ... here are a few correlation's of color and herbs/oils
to the God/Goddess and type of rite...some of which I'm sure you know
and some I bet you never heard of.

It will give you good reason to go hunting :)
Gleaned from too many sources, and over too much time to recall :)
Blessings on the sources all

And there are of course, many many more than these

Color God/Goddess Herbs Oils Rites
Strength, Desire
 Incite Passions Energy-Enthusiasm
Mental clarity-Memory
For Clairvoyance
Learning-The Mind
Love and Attraction
Marjoram-Elder Flowers
Lemon Verbena-Rose
To Bring Emotional love, Affections-Harmony Friendships
Peace Tranquility
Purity, The Goddess
 For Protection-Purity Peace-Truth
Wisdom, Calmness
Abundance, Growth
 For Healing-Money- Prosperity
Ambition, Career Legality, Justice
Black Pepper-Cedar
To give Strength
Patchouli-Sweet pea
To bring
Astral Travel-Separations
Rue-Sage-Ylang ylang
Protections-Repel Negativeness
 Spirituality, Awareness-Divination
Mistletoe-White Sage
Lemon Grass
Psychic Awareness

Ok last thing

Making Candles Yourself

The very first thing you should do is get a book
or two on candle making...it is very much an art form
As well as, it can be dangerous to the unwary...Hot wax can burn a person badly
so please work with care..( not to mention hot wax can make
one heck of a mess if you don't handle it gingerly, and never ... ever forget the fire hazard )

However the simplest way, is to make container candles
The best and safest containers are ones that once were candles before
Like the tall glasses of the Seven days for example ... Recycling it's the thing to do :)
And any good book can show you how to use molds and containers.

Now it is best,  according to most traditions, to use " Virgin " candles for your rites
so they have no other vibrations... Which, for a great many things, is just what you want

However, when you are making them. Use the left overs of the virgin candles,
melted down and reformed into new candles...for special purposes

I used to do this often for my coven...and we used scented candles whenever possible
and used all kinds of essential oils to dress them with

We had an inside Joke about it...
We were called the aromatherapy coven :)

As you could smell the wonderful scents from the entry way
to the park where we used to hold rites, that were like no other ..
As they were a blend of all that had gone before... friends would tell us
they didn't need to look for us.. they just followed their nose :)

And not only that.. the wax of these " recycled " candles, held all the
charge, of all the rites we held with them, so each successive melt would bring
a marvelous blend of each of us...and our personal powers to the rite

I still have many lbs of that wax left...and from time to time make a new candle
and still feel my coven mates beside me... even those that are no more :)
For the personal power is still there, and even now, many years later
Still smell wonderful :)

I know there are those, who will very much disagree
with this practice of using recycled anything for ritual, however I feel the Mother
did not intend for us to be wasteful with the resources she's given us,
so to recycle candles is fitting in my opinion, and it makes them powerfully charged to boot

May this serve you well and
May Your flames burn bright


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