Baba Yaga
The Bone Mother

Hail Arch-Crone, Goddess of Wisdom and Death,
She who is Wild and untamable,
Who brings wisdom and the death of ego,
and through that death, rebirth.

Hail Whirlwind woman
Who brings us dreams of tomorrow
But such wisdom is only for the brave
Who dare to walk through the bone yard of yesterday

The Killer of Ignorance
Great Bringer of the Dark Shadows of the self
Show us the way to come again to the light

No tracks do you leave of your presence
For only those who have earned the right
Can pass within to a new beginning

Shaman Woman, who guides the Horsemen of life
Bright Dawn, Red Sunlight and the Darkness of Night

Hail be to she, who guards the fountain of Life and Death
From which all men must one day drink

To be filled, one must first be empty
One must pay the price of passage
To the Deep Drummer in the Earth
To hear her songs of Magick

Hail Bone Mother
She of watchful eyes
Who sees deep into the mirror of the soul
May you find my sprit worthy of your gift
Of new life

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