Zoryas by Starwind
Zoryas by Starwind and Magical Moon See Below


Evening ,Dawn and Midnight Sun
Vechernyaya, Utrennyaya ,Polunochnaya
Guardians of the Dreaded Dog Simargl
Chained for all Time
That the Universe May Run

Protectors of Warriors
Under Your Veil Let Me Bide
To strike Unseen, and Come from Between
Like the Dawn Before the Tide

Aurora of The Morning
Unsheathe your Fathers Sacred Sword
That I may Wield it In thy Name

Aurora of The Evening
Arm Me with the Breastplate
Of Your Ancestors Fame

Midnight Star
Bring Forth your Steed of Black
That I may ride upon his back to the Fray

Mistresses of the Stars
Over the World do you Roam
Holding Back the Hounds of Hell,
Dear Protectors of the World, My Home

Wondrous Ladies of Sky and Light
The First star of Morning
The First Star of Twilight
And On the Blackest Night
Do you Guard the By ways of the Right

Warrior Women of Unparalleled Might
From Times Beginning to its End
Will you Keep up the Fight

Hail and Blessings to thee Dear Ladies Be
For Your Unending Toil

Our Gracious Thanks are Due to Thee
Triple Goddess Of Compassion and Strife
Hail and Blessings Dear Sisters
May you Ever Smile For Me



The Original background for the Header image
That I have added my Poor best to .. as one of my first art works
was Created by Ashlyn at Magical Moon
magicalmoon link
Which when I found it WAS Hers .. she gave me gracious leave
to use it anyway.. :) Thank you Ashlyn...
Take a trip over to her site to see it as it was
and so many other wonderful things ....