Tweaker Haven

I am probably the biggest tweaker on the that I am never satisfied with how Windows and other such programs are set up medium slop...which means they will work but not well... not to mention... I always want the latest and greatest of any program
on my computer.. however I am also always broke being unemployed. due to disability they have to be free.... and here's where I get all that....

Fresh devices
Downloader, tweaker, image viewer and more
gotta have em and updates all the time for free and they are free to begin with !


Now known as Computer cleaner but its old name was Crap cleaner
as that is just what it does, takes out all the garbage that piles up on the hard drive

Clean images of all the garbage before you upload
You would be amazed a the sheer amount of stuff that gets attached to images,
at times the text is more KBs than the image ! Get rid of all that
without changing the image at all and its free ware
Jpg cleaner

Got Gifs  that need the same treatment ? see

Gif cleaner

RAM Booster

I have tried a least a million of them.. this one WORKS!

Mail box dispatcher

Even if you have a spam filer on your ISP host level
some of it still gets thur.. this little babe lets you pick and choose ..
so you only get  the mail that
YOU want without running the risk of virus attacks .. LOVE this one !

Panic ware free version

Pop up stopper to beat all pop stoppers... no buttons to push
no lists to make... ya still gotta hold control if you WANT one to come up
but small price to pay for a billion pops it takes outa your hair

Ever want to know exactly what you computer is doing ?

Process Explorer
is freeware, by MS yet, that can show you exactly what's running, even if the task manager doesn't show you

Malware bytes
excellent bit of software to find and get rid of malware

Spy bot, search and destroy
A very serious bit of software that finds spys and such that others might miss

Just as the Logo says... older versions of popular software ..
for Free :)

 More ?

Envirosoft     wonderful place for excellent programing for ,editing ,
web building etc.... has free and paid verisons

Need to make a mess of thumbnails quick ? ezthumbs
EZ to download .. works like a charm and .. yeah.. its free :)

See Fun Freebies on my Banners page...
lots of other neat stuff.. all for nada.. gotta love it.
By the Ring mistress Tegan

More to come as I discover them.. :)


Have any you think I should Add...?
Broken links ? Do let me know