The Gallery

If you came in on an Engine and are looking for Web Graphics .. Here

I have taken down all the thumbnails that were here.. for those who have been here before. sorry......
but I was having data transfer limits problems and therefore site shut downs on this site,
and had to make choices to reduce the over all transfer per day
Even with the site currently paid, thank you all very much,
There are still limits on what I can have
with this set up, so far, its working :)

So to see the Art work .. other than the reduced images on my web headers
below are your choices to view a lot more than the ones you see here

This Link can take you to my hosts
public Gallery to view some of them, they only allow me 45 images
 as they do not allow a true Gallery .. In fact it is the baseline for my Free Pagan E cards

In other words I can't set them all up full size.. but to look  some of them,
that are not already here, please go, the link is off site


But if you want to see them all as well as a great many more than are here on this site
and  have the opportunity to Maybe buy a print or two.. :)

Please see my newest site

Not a bait and switch I promise you.. if I could have the Sale Gallery here
I would.... but I can't... but here it is anyway.. thanks to a dear friend of mine
who made it possible.. Over 400 images and growing

Thanks Vickie
 ya don't have to buy,  just to look at them.. :)
( I would bless you thou.. :)

Pagan Art