The Way of the Dragon

Ever hear a Witch speak of a Dragon as her "familiar" ?
And have looked at her like she's a few fries short of a Happy meal...?

Well maybe she is... :) but not for speaking of The Dragon

The Dragon has been an arch type for personality,
since Man first thought of them

And from the perspective of the Craft, something to give note to

I wont debate their reality, as there is no purpose to that,
their arch type is very real
and clear to even to my youngest Grandchild :)

What comes to mind when you think of a Dragon ?

Large, Small ? Scaled, Furry ? Meek or Manic ?
If you speak of the creature the Dragon, depending on what
part of the world your from anyone of the above ,
and more, would be right.

Now what if I say personality ?

According to Chinese astrology
the personality of the Dragon is like this:

"The Dragon is one of the most powerful, is warm hearted, brash, fiery
and full of energy. Intelligent and tenacious determined,
charming and charismatic

It's ego can get in the Dragon's way, this person is larger-than-life
Keeping the troops motivated is a good job for the Dragon.
They feel they have a natural born right to lead the way
Achieving considerable material wealth and Power,
is what the Dragon wants
A weakened Dragon is a sad creature however,
that refuses to take defeat with even a modicum of grace.
The role of leader is the only one the Dragon wants,
They make solid leaders
Crossing the Dragon however, is never a good idea "

Now I am sure your saying this is all very interesting but,
what has this Fiery personality have to do with the Craft ?

You can see some good things to have in the Dragons line up
Ability to lead, warm heart, motivation, intelligence, determination and full of energy

But what of the, not so good qualities ?

Ever hear of the concept that power corrupts ?

You have heard me speak of the ways of power within the Craft
on many of my other pages, this is powers other side

As with all things there is a Yin and Yang good and not so good

The way of the Craft does lead one to Power if done right,
A high personal code of ethics prevents misuse of that power or should
But power is seductive

That ever present and in the right amounts,
part of man that can lead to greatness
Or Despair

Many times, I have seen Ego reign supreme in a Coven or Circle

Many an otherwise good Witch
has come to ruin for getting carried
away with it all.. and getting drunk on the Power

And in the case of the Witch such a drinking habit
will back fire in your face for your presumption

The Gods do not take kindly to those who forget that all Power
comes from them. Real power

We humans can do things on our own
to be sure, it's an inborn capacity, but what we do with it
is subject to review by those higher than We

And they who give it such grace
Can just as easily not give it

Sad creature indeed is the Witch who had the ability to drawn down
the moon and use its special gift, who through misuse and self aggrandizement
has it no more

For all the good things, a practicing Witch can do...
never forget that to do it well

You must have the Gods grace, and the right state of mind

Forget this and you will find yourself, not punished, as the Gods do not punish
But rather you will find yourself cut off and alone as
They will have nothing further to do with you

until you come to your senses

Which is worse to my mind that any Act, they could possibly do
Neither help nor hinder will they do in your life

Can a foolish Witch do much harm in the world ?

That's open for debate
but for myself I think not,
such people as I have known hurt none
but themselves, as they have no ability left
to do much more than wish they could do something
Which is sad but hardly anymore a danger
than any other person who ill wishs another

It is NOT allowed to use the gift to do harm
What goes around comes around people
and only a fool wishes harm to themselves

To a page on just that..

A Word to the Wise, Be like the Dragon
Strong, Determined and Powerful

But ever mindful of the Dragons breath that will singe the foolish

May you always be the Good side of the Dragon :)
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Graphics by Emer