Come and walk with me for a Time
Outside of Time
In a Place that is no Place
And come to understand our Mothers Grace

Let your Spirit Fly
On the Wings of your Will
Through out this Space that is no Space

Come and Walk with Me..

A moment in her garden cool... to smell the life
and feel the joy that is our Mother.....

Womb of the Mother, by Pagan Art

A moment for quiet contemplation at a fountain of life....
to become new again...

See the world with new eyes
The little ladies name is Emma on a farm in West Virginia...PD image

A moment by the murmuring stream to hear her voice speak....

Babbling brook

Stand a moment in awe, at the trace 
of our Ladies Presence
In the world

In the Quite places, by Pagan Art

A moment to stop and let your eyes 
feast on the beauty of our Mother..

Rose up close and personal

A moment to stand by the water that is her womb
and feel the power of Earth..

Yemya by Pagan Art

A moment to breathe in the mist that is her breath, 
and revive
with her hidden treasures

Maiden Mother Crone, by Pagan Art

Come stand with me beside the Mother as Pele....
.in her fiery act of creation....

Great Mother Pele by Pagan Art

A moment to know the wonder of the Mother as Ice Maiden,
on her long winters slumber..

Ice maiden sleeps, by Pagan Art

Reflect for a moment that even the most humble of things...
can contain great beauty..

Wonder in a mud puddle

For a moment, meet the Mistress of Storms,
to feel the fire in the sky....and know no fear....

Freya Mother of lighting, by Pagan art

Take a moment to savor the sweetness of life..
given even to the creatures of the field...

Blessed Bee the sweetness of life

A moment to marvel at her creatures creations,
That we can only try to duplicate...
Delicate as breath, strong as steel, sparkles like diamonds,
the lessons to learn are endless....

Mother spider and the lessons we learn

For a moment, feel the wonder of her creatures.... Leviathans ...
whose song fills the ocean..

Spirits of Grace, by Pagan Art

To the wonder of living jewels who drink the nectar
of life
she freely provides them...

Humming bird

For a moment, look into the eyes of the Majestic ones..
and see the very depths of your own soul...


As above, so below...even with the Earth it is so.....

As above so below, the grand tetons

Feel for a moment the stark power of the bones of our Mother Earth....

Bones of the Mother

Feel the cool quiet of the depths of the Earth....

Temple of the Mother by Pagan art

And the quiet depths of space and be reminded that She is infinite..


Stand a moment in awe of what you have just seen
and savor its perfection..

Our Mother in all her Glory

Walk with me now... to send this power and perfection
Around this world of Beauty
to Brighten, Enlighten and make Joyful

" Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"

Fire to cleanse the way, a place for the salamanders to play ....
ours is a place of light...where nothing should be hidden away........

Blessed cup of water to cleanse the spirit , ancient ones breathe upon this cup that all who partake of it may justly command the power in the service of man
" Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"

Pentacle of EarthThe blessings of the power of Earth to sustain you...
eat and drink thy fill...for you will have need of the strength...but great is the joy of such work..

The blessings of the power of Air to give your will Flight ...
The wind spites play with the leaves at your feet..
to remind you that, thou the Will is invisible ..
it can move the world....

Sword and SheildThe blade to draw down the power...and the shield to defend the innocent ....

The wand of the Witch to wield the the service of man..Wand of the Witch

The Book in which to write it that it may Never be forgotten...Book of shadows

These are the tools of the Path...may it ever be trodden by the Wise...

Hail and Welcome spirits of the North..Mother of us all

Hail and Welcome spirits of the East
Bringers of Wind and Storm

Hail and Welcome spirits of the South
Creators of warmth and Light

Hail and Welcome spirits of the West
Guardians of the water from which all life Comes

Earths children have come to honor the Mother
in all her Wonder...

Earths children have braved the wind and storm
since the dawn of Time

Earths children are awakened to the fire of creation
and are open to the Light...

Earths children are born of the waters of Life..
and unto them they will Return..

May the incense be Burned

May the water be Blessed

May the food nourish the Soul

May the wind chimes play the music of the Spheres

May the sword draw the Circle

May the wand hold the power, for the good of All..

May the keeper of the Book record all Faithfully for tomorrow's Children..

Full Moon

When the Moon is full Earths children gather
to pay homage to Her that sustains us All..

All the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit
in Balance and Harmony

Let the Power flow forth
into this new space which touches the World

Let the power of Love for all mankind fill the empty Spaces

Let the water of Life rain down to make the closed mind
open like the Blossoms......

Let the power of Fire help the leaden of Heart
to feel alive Again...

Let the Power of the sword cut through Ignorance...

Let the Shield be raised to defend the helpless
against those who would oppress them..

Let the Cup be filled with Joy and Merriment
for there is all too little of that in the World..

Let the wind carry the sound of our Laughter...
for this heals the Heart

Let the Wand of power direct the Power
to where it is needed Most..

Let the Power of the printed word Enlighten
the dark places in the human Soul

All hail the God , who is the Father of the mind,
So we may understand our world
Sun Father

"I, Who Am the Sun which warms the body of the Earth,
the Bounty that sustains your bodies, the Lord of the Hunt, the Power of the Light,
and the Secret of the Flame of Life, call upon your bodies
to arise and come unto Me.

For I am the generosity of the earth and the flesh of all of its inhabitants.
In Me all things must die, and, with Me all will be re born.

Let My worship be in the mind that meditates,
for all acts of thought and energy are My rituals.

Let there be Magnificence and Mastery, Capability and Tenderness
Glory and Humbleness, Merriment and Wonder within you.

For these, too, are part of the Mysteries found within yourself.

In truly knowing Me, you must recognize that in Me all beginnings end,
and all endings begin again."

All Hail the Goddess
who is the Mother of all of Creation

Earth Mother

"I who am the beauty of the green earth
and the white moon among the stars
and the mysteries of the waters,
I call upon your soul to arise
and come unto me.

For I am the soul of nature
that gives life to the universe.
From Me all things proceed
and unto Me they must return.

My worship be in the heart that rejoices, for behold --
all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals.
Let there be Beauty and Strength,
Power and Compassion,
Honor and Humility,
Mirth and Reverence within you.

And you who seek to know Me,
know that your seeking
and yearning will avail you naught,

Unless you know the Mystery:

for if that which you seek,
you find not within yourself,
you will never find it without.

For behold, I have been with
you from the Beginning,
and I am that which is attained
at the End of desire.

Now the circle is Done..."

Hail and farewell spirits of the North...Thank You...
Great Mother and benefactor

Hail and farewell spirits of the East...Thank You
and may thy winds blow gently upon the brow of man

Hail and farewell spirits of the South...
Lord of fire and wisdom..Thank You
and may we have learned something
in this walks Endeavor..

Hail and farewell spirits of the West...
we Thank You for the gentle rains
to make the flowers of wisdom Grow..

The incense is Ash...

The Fire may be put Out

The Water is Drunk

The Food has been Eaten

The Wind has carried our Voice..

The shield bearer may put his burden down for now..

Take now the Sword and open the Way
for our return to the world of Time..

But we take with us the scent of Holiness

We take with us food for our Souls

We take with us Knowledge
that we can do more than we thought we Could

Our Mother has held us...Our Father has counseled us...
The Spirits of Earth, Fire, Wind and Rain
have blessed Us...

Our Brethren have worshiped with Us...
and we are Renewed...

Thank you for taking this Spirit walk with me
in a Space that is no Space..
for a time that is Timeless...

Blessed Be your Coming..

Blessed Be your Going.....

Blessed be all your House

In All Honor and Love....Starwind

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