The Singing Stones of Crystal and the way of the Witch
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All things of Earth have their own power. We of the Craft know that
the very bones of the Earth, the crystalline forms, sing with a life of their own.
For each of us there is a vibration, a color, a form of crystal
that speaks to us in clear voices.

We will go through tons of rock, that to others, might all look the same
but we know what we are looking for, then we find that one stone that says
" Take me home ! " Here are a few facts about those stones that might help
you make that choice. May the stones sing brightly in your ears.
Only the more common names are listed

Ruby: for
To open one's heart.
to Improve the Sex drive
and over all physical
energy, to bring balance
and build energy
Amber: for
Beauty, Purification, treating depression, grounding, heart issues
karmic issues, past lives, stability, and transformation of the self
Amethyst: for
Love, friendship, peace, calmness dreams, psychic ability, communication,
mental stress, and courage
Rose Quartz: for
Emotional balance,
Love, Aura clearing,
fertility, forgiveness,
and soothing stress
Quartz: for
Luck, Protection, purification,
courage, strength, healing,
balance. Dreams, Astral
Projection, meditation,
stamina, travel and
over all well being
Opal: for
Meditation, to see possibilities. Intensifies a mood, over all beauty,
creativity, energizing,
intuition and insight into the self
Obsidian: for
Grounding excess energy, insights, Emotional Security, Peace,
and to look into past lives
Hematite: for
Dedications, divination,
Abundance, prosperity,
balance, energizing
and meditation
Herkimer Diamond: for
Dreams, dealing with
insomnia, meditation, preventing nightmares,seeking past lives,
psychic protection
and a good over all energy holder
Citrine: for
Abundance and prosperity,
mind clarity, joy,
optimism, regeneration and
self esteem
Bloodstone: for
Strength and energy. Courage, business ventures
Purification, Inner guidance,
physical healing, stamina and
to reduce stress
Carnelian: for
Creativity and mental
processes. Increases
appetite and energy,
courage, eloquence.
Sexual energy
soothes the soul, aids
and trauma recovery
Aquamarine: for
Improving communication
skills, Psychic ability,
purification, peace,
clarity of mind, and is
soothing to the soul
Lace Agate: for
Depression, despair and anger
Improve confidence, creativity, self expression, and over all wisdom
Chrysocolla: for
Emotional heartache,
communication and creativity,
increase of intuition and insight
Diamond: for
Purifying , courage, balance,
honesty, prosperity, spiritual development and stability
Emerald: for
Encourages the truth.
Abundance, prosperity,
calming, dreams, soothes
emotions, meditation
and balance
Garnet: for
Determination and strength.
increases sex drive,
calming, stability during change, compassion, imagination,
Kundalini stimulation and love
Jade: for
Relaxation. Healing, love, creativity. balance, emotional detachment,
and peace of mind
Jasper: for
Strengthens stamina. Beauty. Protection, reduce fear, fatigue,
Increase optimism, physical healing, protection and well being
Malachite: for
Business success, stress,
Weight reduction, dealing with pain,
psychic protection
and self regeneration
Moonstone: for
Protects the soul and ones sleep.
An aid to dreams and psychic ability.
All about love. For
divination, grounding,
release of emotions, reproductive
system health and over all sexual vitality. Reduces stress and vulnerability
Smoky Quartz: for
Fatigue and depression
Dealing with change,
emotional blocks and unblocking energy, inter-dimensional travel
and past lives, release of
emotions and contacting
spirit guides
Sapphire: for
Mental clarity, Concentration.
Wisdom and prophecy.
Nervous and mental
disorders. For clarity, creativity,
and protection
Tiger eye:
Courage, energy, and strength. Self-confidence, divination,
spiritual creativity, flexibility,
joy, personal power
and spiritual development
Black Tourmaline: for
Protective shield for magic work,
A strengthener for emotional work, grounding, stability during
change, honesty in others,
to improve memory, release
negativity, seek past lives,
over all protection,
and to see the truth
Turquoise: for.
An amulet for safe travel
and good luck. Courage,
friendship, balance your emotions,
self expression and
Azurite: for
Reduces stress, anxiety,
and depression,
Divination, dreams, change, intuition, insight, meditation, psychic
protection, purification, and transformation

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