Winged Isis


A search for truth begins inside
The Mothers arms are open wide

In love and care, with patience she waits
Though in pain you hesitate

The time in life never is too late
To come home to her warm embrace

Her light is soft, sweet glow of love
A safe place you only once dreamed of

Her heart is strong, words so true
When the world has turned on you

Fear not death, nor from it hide
She holds your hand, she is your guide

A Mother in the sweetest sense
When you've nothing left to give
Goddess too in glory and power
When humbled in your darkest hour

Her eyes is where the universe lays
Comfort through your longest days

A voice so clear, clarion trumpet call
To give you strength when you fall

A shining tear upon her cheek
She's raised your spirit when you were weak

Arms that hold are safe and strong
When faith is lost and hope is gone

She never gave in, for your soul she cried
When you turned your back in pride

She hears your prayers when all is still
To strengthen your spirit and your will

A Mothers delight as her child grows
Though fear and pain leave scars that show

Through her open door you will find the way
But it is your choice if you go or if you stay

A quest so far and a journey long
To find your way just follow her song

She is truth and love and hope and light
Just look in your heart to find what's right

By:Ja'Nell M. Fowler
Reprinted with permission

September 2002



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