The Cabala
What is it ?, Where is it ?.. What is it good for..?

On several pages of mine I define the Cabala in terms of its relationship to the Craft
Now I would like to define a little more of what the Cabala itself is
I will try not to bore you to tears ! :)

First off it is known by many names, which is a little confusing in and of itself
Cabala, Cabala, Qaballa, Kabalah, Quabalah, Kabbalah
and just about any other phonetic spelling you can think of.

This is due to the fact it's been through many many hands :)

When you say the word, most people think of the Hebrew or Jewish Faith
and you would be right, but it did not originate with them
in fact, by all accounts, they tried to get rid of it .

As its rendition of the concept of Male AND Female aspects for God, made them afraid of its Pagan roots,
and they did twist things around a bit to fit into their concept of things .. even they admit this .. however,
being the scholars that they are, even they could see this "thing" was an intellectuals delight
and could not just toss it away ... as it's very useful

 Now useful.. for what ?

Before I go into that .. let's break it down a little
Cabal of the Hebrews
Ein Sof, The Infinite
Ein Sof, The Infinite 

Keter, the Divine Crown
Chokhmah, Wisdom 
Binah, Understanding 
Chesed, Mercy 
Gevurah, Justice 
Tif'eret, Beauty 
Netzach, Eternity 
Hod, Glory 
Yesod, Foundation 
Malkut, the Senses
Shekhinah the Divine presence on Earth

The Right Side 
The Left Side 
The Middle Column 

I will use the Hebrew Image simply because it is the most commonly known but there are many others.
What you are looking at is a Tree .. Upon which you go from branch to branch ... a path to walk from point to point

Each relates to different states of mind as well as different states of being or understanding. You could look at this
as a training ground and each globe it's own world where one learns different things before moving on to the next world
and so on and so on. Like moving up in rank as one progresses in training
the mind. As each world has different things to teach

The Pillars

The Three Pillars of the Cabala

The Right side of Mercy

The Middle of Benignity

and the Left side of Severity or Justice

Each rank of " Worlds" looking in-line up and down
from right, middle, left are interrelated to each other and make up
the Pillars of the Cabala, which have their own uses

The thin Stole worn over the shoulders
that is common to many priesthood's, is a representation of this concept
Dependent on what is being done.. it's worn many ways

The most commonly seen is both sides hanging down
which makes the priest the pillar of Benignity
the balance between Mercy and Justice

Right over the Left would Mean
Justice restrained by Mercy to work healing

Left over Right would be Severity over Mercy to work Justice or Banishing

It's why on some stoles the two sides are different colors
and often have some devise embroidered or printed on them
right at the joining point .. as a physical representation of this union

A common ritual using this concept is opening of the Way
the Right Pillar is Boaz .. the Left Jachin ... the Center is your doorway to the way between the worlds..
this is a very powerful bit of work.. using these principals

The names are taken from the pillars
of Solomon's Temple ... There's a great deal of Lore on these pillars
and the cubed altars of alternating squares Seen in the Knights of the Temple, 
but more on that some other day

Anyway ... :)

I will explain in more detail the Pillars
after the basic concepts of each "World"
have been explored a little

Onward :)

The Spheres of  the World Tree


The point of the Senses, touch, taste, sight , sound, the point
where we spend most of our lives is here. Also here is the
Shekhinah the presence of the Divine on Earth
according to the Rabbinic way ... the feminine principle of the Divine

( Also the Middle Pillar ... the Balance between them so Shekhinah is, in fact, both Male and Female )

The Great Mother, as I would say is the Middle way
the way to connect with the ONE, from here on Earth
our channel to the Divine ONE ... is here according to the Cabal

In terms of training it means the time of life, when the senses have full sway

Youth and our Young lives for the most part .. are centered around our emotions and reproductivity ...
One has learned what Malkut has to teach when one is in control of your emotions,
and is no longer swayed by the pull of hormonal influences to control your life

For training this is the point of purification of the self of overt influence,
the beginnings of self control needed for Magick

It is also the Starting point for Energy Output
During Rite and Ritual

Chakra number one.. the Snake of Sexual energy
is the first one called into play during the pull of Earths power to do ritual
which can be stopped right here, if we are not in control of our own sexuality  This the Chakra of the Tribe ..
the procreation force the life force, that our sexuality assures

The challenge? To over come our basic slothful nature
as this kind of work takes away from the more,
sensual pursuits and requires effort .. and planning

 The Foundation

Pure Intelligence .. The way of the mind ... at this point the way of the body
has been superseded to the way of the mind.
This is the space where meditation .. and coming to "know" the self
comes into play. The foundation of the Self is always the mind.

The Mind must learn itself .. in all its forms.. and overcome the human resistance to change.
The subconscious and the conscious mind, are examined here learning to walk the path of the Astral to learn our truths
is here consulting the inner self .. for wisdom

Chakra # 2 ...  of Chi .. the center of Energy as the Gut processes the basic Energy requirements of the body
and the Ehteric body  the foundation of all action, liberated by a free mind, that's come to terms with itself. Which allows us
to let the energy flow .. this is the Chakra of power

The challenge ? To allow changes to happen. We don't like
to change things once we think we have a handle on them.
But the whole point of Ritual is to MAKE change,
so internal resistance to it is counterproductive.

The Glory

Here we learn that all things are Yin and Yang, there is a balance
between the mind and body, male and female,
Goddess and God ... above and below, are one in the same

Here, ones learns to Open your mind to include all things,
not just your personal preconceptions. To lose the tendency to try
and pigeon hole things into our limited scope and broaden the mind.
This is how the astral and the physical effect each other
and how these two planes can work together.

The Challenge.. ? to Accept this .. :)

Chakra three .. the ID of the system .. the Self .. giving ones "Self" over
to the rite is essential, as how can one turn loose the power
and hold on to it at the same time ?

The war of the mind, between the acceptance that we are not the center of the universe,
while at the same time, accepting that we can be,
if only for a moment .. cute little paradox huh ? :)


The Way of the Witch, the way of the Occult mind ... One knows oneself, One knows the path,
Now one starts to walk the path

One's Relationship with others .. and how we relate to others
is examined here. Overcoming the Lust for power over others

Here we learn our deeper need for others, how we are all one large
interrelated being .. from the same source .. as we were before
and will be again, after this incarnation is done

The challenge ? Hold love for all things .. but it is
" Love under will " .. which is where that idea comes from


The Harmony of the path , learning to walk the path in light
in balance from within and without. One is at peace

Once one learns to get over the feelings of Pride and Ego that is.

Once one learns what the above worlds have to teach. It's a human tendency to puff up a bit..
We have just enough knowledge to get arrogant, about it all. This worlds lesson is often the hardest to learn,
as it requires that we re-learn true humility and care for our fellows

Chakra four .. The way of feelings and emotions  and care for others ...  control of these emotions is job one,
as a person in emotional turmoil has no business even trying to wield power, as they will have no control over it either.

The Challenge? .. Be a true Spiritual Warrior .. who looks like a Peace nik .. because they are.
Just because they have the ability to wreak havoc, they are a big enough person..who really does care about their fellows,
that they don't have to ..


The Path of the Spiritual Warrior... the way of Justice
The War for the Good ? .... The training is here

This is the point where a good practicing Witch
spends a great deal of their time .. fighting the good fight ..
for the betterment of all things
The control and Use of power is here

The personal will is trained here and how to use it.

The challenge? ... to overcome is our innate tendency to be unkind to each other,
especially those we have power over. Learning to HAVE power, without display or inflicting it on others,
just because we can.

It's is kinda like learning the marital arts and becoming a pacifist .. same concept

Sounds like Qwy Chang Cain don't it :)

Chakra five .. the Will and how we use it.. the voice with which we speak
we cannot be clear in our directions, if all we are thinking of,  is ourselves.


Receptive Intelligence learning not only to act
but when to refrain from action
How to listen to the Gods when they speak
How to know what one is to do .. and when not to do ...

Learning to temper action with Mercy and Compassion
How to Love.. Learning what Real Love is
Love in the highest sense of the word

The challenge? .. Overcoming our tendency towards
bigotry and hypocrisy, as we don't find ALL things Lovable


Sanctifying Intelligence  ... You are now beyond the need to fight
beyond the need to "make" things right ... and rather let things Be right ..
when you are open and willing, as the means to help it be right

How to deal with confrontation in a passive rather than active sense.

The challenge?.. Overcoming human avarice or greed for more..
learning the futility of possessions ... and how meaningless negativity is.

Chakra six.. the mind .. and directed thought .. we are almost done
with the power .. now we guide it. But the guiding must be done
with kindness and humility, not self aggrandizement and lusting for power.


Illuminating Intelligence the Rod of power,The spiritual Will
The devotion to the Great Work and the blessings of the Divine
the Point when you know your a servant of the Mother
Now and Forever

There is no challenge here.. as there is no need..
Mother accepts you as her own .. to work her work..

The Divine Crown

Admiral Intelligence  .. At this point the Work is complete
The tasks of re-uniting the world with all the Divine is complete
and the tree will no longer be needed ... as the Spirit of all
has been rejoined into the one, from which they came

Chakra 7 ( indigo ) the point where it leaves us and rejoins the collective
from which it came.. somewhat changed and charged by an honest will

Ein Sof the Infinite
Ain Soph Aur
Ain Soph

Now most Explanations of the Cabala stop here,
other than to say the veil is there.
And that our knowledge stops here
 That it holds all of possibility, but having no form .. It is, The Void

The Blank Rune of Odin as my current path would say

As I was taught ...  it does not end here ... :)

The veil of light is there and it can be reached, but one does so at risk,
as this is the realm of the Spirit, the point where one is no longer a single being
but part of the whole of the universe, at one with the light,
which is the force of All things

Most cultures would agree that from this veil there is no returning.
I was taught that this is just one of many "Way Stations" along the way,
where even more could be learned. Where ones soul could be cleansed
of any remaining doubts or fears, and become a part of the universe
from which we came

But I do agree .. One Does not come back out to Earth,
but go onward to other planes, other realities ... ?

The Pillars of the Cabala

Now that you know a little more about the Worlds themselves
My explanation of some of the Magical aspects of the Pillars
might be a little more clear

Pillar of Severity.......................Middle Pillar of Malkut......................Pillar of Mercy

Left is the Pillar of Severity the Dark forces called female
Right is the Pillar of Mercy the forces of light called male
the Middle is the balance between the two..
as either one to excess is not a good thing..
Balance between the yin and yang .. Mercy and Justice ..

Now one might think, both are needed and you would be right..
but in the correct amounts

A world of nothing but Mercy, would mean, nothing could eat
as none would kill any other thing in order to feed the self.

 A world of all Justice would be a dictatorship of Law .. without regard for the humanity of life ..
and the need for making choices based on merit .. not just fact ..

( Sounds like our current system of Law to me ..)
sigh.. anyway onward.. ;)

The middle Pillar is the union of both aspects
which is where the Craft comes in ... the active Will

The passive Female and the Active male

( I know sounds like stereotyping, but bear with me here :)

These things are both needed to MAKE the middle work,
no matter which side you call what, as you need to be
passive to the forces at work, while at the same time
active, in adding TO the Work .. reaching the Middle ground
of The Active Will ,which is the basis behind all Craft

There are correlation's between these "Worlds"
to create different effects of learning and action

The "Sword" of the Cabala is the Zig Zag path  along the tree
as shown above ... which is the path one travels to learn
the Ways of the Witch .. to become the trained person
who can walk the Worlds of Sedhir, of the ways of Magick

This path allows one to dip into both passive and active energies alternately,
maintaining the balance between the two

The path of the Chakra is the arrow .. the  Chakraic tree
 a more direct route, but the lessons are the same.
 Any and all are the path of Magick, to learn the way, to perfect the Craft

Walking The path of Magick And learning each "Worlds"  lesson
one advances in the Ways of the Witch .. and of the Craft

Like this one ... my Favorite :)

One of many Triads on the tree  ...
which is ,Yesod, Hod, Netzach
on the shaft of the Middle Pillar of Malkut

Cabal for spell casting

Which is the way of the mind ... in balance ...
well Grounded in the Path of Earth which is the path of the Witch,
which is why I use this format in spell casting

It is also the sign for Water .. with the grounding of Earth.
The fluidity of Mind .. well rooted in reality..
sounds like Spell work to me :)

A little bit of work with the Cabal and you can see the path
to layout for most any kind of spell work ... based on that
Worlds influence .. this is the point at which you "aim"
the Will for the Work ... to work ... Creating the layout
also has the effect of setting the matter in your mind as well

:For Example:
If comprehension is the thing ..
Binah would be the part of the picture to bring into focus

Walking your way around the Tree to get to the point
you need, to make the Spell being cast, work best

This is very simplified way of saying it .. but with a little thought
you can see how this would work ...  it's part the Tree of life and part you
.. which are one in the same thing :) ..
Just one is Astral and general and one is here and personal

As you can see by the Cabals overall layout ..
it's a training ground, a visual map of the very universe itself,
 a very good tool for training of the mind .. and getting to know the self,
 A point to aim the Will and the Word of Spell Craft
When doing rite and ritual .. Very Useful indeed ..Yes ? :)

As above ... so below

This IS the above....

WE are the below

The human being who has learned the Ways
and uses the Path to knowledge and enlightenment

This IS one of the Paths we walk .. to gain that enlightenment

I hope this simple(r) explanation helps you to understand
a tiny bit of a very complex subject :) without  ... I hope
boring you to tears in the process  hehehehe ... :)

I wont even begin to say I understand the numerology that goes
with the naming of the names etc. because I don't... but there are many who do
... and the information is easy to obtain for those interested .. but for my part ..
this form of training and thought  .. works for one's life ... one's Path
and one's work with the Craft.. at least it does for me..
Perhaps it's something of use to you

Blessings on One and All


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