......The elements by Pagan art.........

The Elements

We Pagans are often accused of " worshiping " Stones
Or personifying the Water or Air
Or treating Fire like a living thing

And we do, but not how most people think :)

Most Pagans hold all things
To be Sacred

The Earth upon which we walk
The Air we breathe
The Water we drink
The Fire what warms our home
And the Spirit that moves all things

Now that doesn't sound so terrible does it ?
It goes like this


Not only the planet on which we live
But the very substance from which we are made

She is our Mother, She is Gaia,
She is The creator of all things
It is to she,  We return when this bodies time is done

"Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust.." sound familiar ?

Christian burial rites


The very breath of life that determines the time we Live

It is the Wind in our hair,
The playfulness of leaves at our feet,
The bringer of Rain and Storm in its time

"Every little breath I take, is a prayer to thee " heard it..?

The Koran.......

Fire bowl

The Heat of the Sun that allows all life on this planet to live

The Fire to warm us, to cook our food, to cleanse our tools, To light our way in the dark
and to Burn the body to ash When its time is done.

" As the Fire burns on the altar of grace,
So does life goes on..."


Chalice by Robin Wood
" Robin Wood 1997, Used with Permission"

The Water which is the blood
Of all life, plant, animal or Man

The sweet Water to drink, to cleanse the body,
To make the plants we eat grow ,
To bless the living and the dead

" Sister Rain, whose tears feed all the Peoples " Any Idea?

Native American

Blue ank of the sprit

The Essence of the soul,
The true nature of mankind,
The free ranging part of ourselves
That meets with the divine in grace.

"The Spirit transcends the flesh
to meet with the Maker of all things" ? ?

Bhagavad-gita ...India

Are these things not worthy of Reverence?

 Most Every Religion in the world
Seems to think so

Why then, does it seem so strange to some

That We Pagans.... Also revere them ?

I have no answer why some think so. But it's something to think about  :)

Without all of these Elements
Working in harmony,
We, the Planet,
The very Universe Itself
Would not Exist

The Earth of Matter
From which all things are Made

The Fire of the Stars,
Which brings it to Life

The Air that sustains Life
In the primal scream of Birth

The water that allows Movement
Of Blood, Bone and Brain

The Spirit that can see and appreciate it All..

Are these Divine ?

Yes.. most certainly for who but all the Gods/Goddesses
Could make such wonderful things
To make our universe a living thing

 Hail to them all, as the Great Mother
Gives us grace
So say I....

Hail to thee Mother Earth
Whose feet are in the Oceans
And whose hair spreads throughout the Universe

Hail to Thee Brother Wind,
Whose breath I Breathe,
Whose breath blows on the waters of the World
To bring forth Life

Hail to thee Father Fire,
Whose Flames warm the World
And Shine a Beacon into the great Beyond

Hail to thee Sister Water,
Whose quite depths hold the secrets of the Universe

Hail to the Spirit
That beholds all this and bows its head in Gratefulness


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