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Our Spirit Guides
In recent times I have been asked, by several people
regarding animals as our teachers and guides

Now what most people think of first, is the totem spirits of the Native American way which,
while they do, honor and revere animals to a high degree.
The concept itself,  however,  is much much older, stone age in fact :)
Ever watch "Clan of the Cave Bear " ?

You have heard term a Witch's familiar ? Well that's a prime example
of an animal as a spirit guide

Most anything can be a 'teacher" but we don't think of  the
"lower" orders as having anything to teach us .. We are often arrogant

They are not lower than we, they are other nations, in many cases, despite our
depredations on them and their habitats, nations that outnumber US
by the billions, they are as old as time

The Great Whale .. inspires us.. the wolf moves us .. but what of a bug ?

Yep .. they are teachers too .. :)
Here are some of the things that our brothers in different skins can teach us

The Rabbit:

Teaches us about fear and now to overcome it. Mr. Bunny lives in with fear
every moment of its life, yet it is the most prolific critter going ,
they are everywhere, blast of speed on 4 feet, gentle, 
yet don't ever corner one you will learn quickly that
Mr. Bunny is perfectly able to defend itself :)

Fear has its place in the scheme of things, we need a "certain" amount of it ,
it keeps us out of trouble. We "fear" fire for good reason, it can burn us,
but does this mean we don't use it ? No we respect it and treat it with the care it deserves .
This is the lesson of the Rabbit ..  Fear ?.. Maybe, but don't let it run your life, go on and live
with care and respect and you can live well

If you need to overcome Fears .. ? Call on the Spirit of the Rabbit

The Cat:

The Ever popular and my personal Fave :) The Cat teaches us about the 
spiritual, the physic, as they are natural magicians. Have a spirit in the house ?
Watch the Cat, their eyes will follow it all around the room.
Observation and conservation are also the lessons they teach 

A cat will nap whenever the opportunity
arises, yet when they are in motion, they are intently alive,
every move a study in deliberate action. This is the lesson of the cat ,
conserve yourself and your energies, until there is something worth doing ,
then put your whole being into it !

Need to stop your energies from scattering ? 
Call on the Cat and get focused

The Whale:

The Recorders of the paths of time, the singers of Mothers song
In the Deeps .. glides the hottest blood of all .. the Whale. It's devotion to life
and its fellows is without equal, if one is ill, the whole pod stops to care for it.
If one beaches itself, others will join it, rather than let It die alone.
Their voices can literally be heard from one side of the Ocean to the other,
they are ONE family, all of them

This is the lesson that the Whale teaches. We are family, all of us, what happens to your neighbor,
happens to you. Know power in numbers and help each other
Let not even one, suffer alone without comfort.

Feeling Isolated and out of touch with the world.. ? 
Call on the Whale and reunite

The Snake:

Renewal and Restoration is the way of the snake. A herpetologist told me once
the more you feed a snake, the more snake you have to feed, as they are masters at making the best use 
of whatever they eat, it goes to build body, and they renew the skin so it will fit , 
by shedding the old, getting rid of pests, parasites, and healing out most injuries in the process.
Is is a pretty good trick of peeling off your hide, with no hands to do it :), soft, new, ready for anything 

Conservation is the other word that goes with snake, to an even higher degree
than the Cat. A snake can go for months without eating, and feel no loss of energy
for this lack, and will not eat unless really hungry. Pure Minimalist is the Snake.

Make the best of what you have, put what you have into the best use and don't waste what you have by excess, 
unneeded actions and shed off all your cares, irritations and troubles, this is the lessons of the snake

New to get a new grip on life and shed off old outdated habits and lifestyle ?
Call on the Snake to help you get some New, into your life

The Wolf:

The Wolf Credo: 

"Respect the elders. 
Teach the young. 
Cooperate with the pack. 
Play when you can.
Hunt when you must. 
Rest in between. 
Share your affections.
Voice your feelings. 
Leave your mark."

In one shot, you have ALL the lessons Brother Wolf can teach us .
The Pack is all, Play and have fun with life, be responsible for tomorrow, 
take time to get what you need, but no more than what you need
and only when you need, Love and give Love, let others know how you feel ,

and Leave your Mark on the world, so your having been here
has been for something more than a place holder !

Need to bring some perspective to your life on what's Important ? 
Call on the Wolf

The Spider:

Clever Spider, Skillful hunter, Web builder with a tensile power we can only TRY
to match. Sensitive, clued into their world. Quick to act, but deliberate, every move a dance of the ballerina, 
any and all things are their prey. They are the most numerous insects on Earth, in every form, 
filling every niche imaginable there's a spider to fit the purpose in nature. For any other insect, there is a 
Spider for whom they are the favorite food. Balancers of the World
They take advantage of anything that comes their way, storing it against need

Patience and thrift are the ways of the Spider, not for the arachnid is the path 
of wastefulness. Plan for what you need  and make use of what comes your
way, even if it's not your favorite, these are the lessons of the Spider

Everything you need in life, slipping through your fingers ? Call on the Spider

Each and Every living thing, can be your teacher, some are your Life guides
and are with you each step of the way for this incarnation, others are messagers
sent to teach you lessons you need to learn. Some are warnings,
things you need to pay heed to, some are just to bring you Joy
and remind you  that life is sweet and for living large.

There are explorations for almost any animal living and some that aren't
and the means to find which is "yours", or what some animal
coming into your life means to you

 I hope the listings below give you a good place to learn more

May your Guides show you the way :)

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