Song of the Solotaire by Pagan art

The Way of The Solitaire

I am a Solitary Witch
If you have been around Pagans
of any stripe you have heard this word

So just what is a Solitaire ?
The Readers Digest Version :)

For starters it means a practicing Witch,
who does not belong to a live Coven

Which is what it means in My case :)
at least at the time of this pages writing

For others it means a Pagan who is on the Path
who does not have a teacher or Mentor and is learning alone

For still more, it means one who does not follow
a traditional Path, although this is more often said as Eclectic Pagan

It can also mean a Pagan who does not have a local community
of other Pagans with which to associate

And so on and so on...

It means a great many things

In general practice however it means
you are on your own in practicing your faith

Solitaries comprise the bulk of avowed Pagans
Only a small percentage are Coveners or want to be

I myself have done both and find merit in both states
However I have spent 30 years practicing my Faith

Alone :)

The only other Faith
that practices this kind of solitude
to the Degree we do is Buddhism .. I myself practice many
of the tenants of Buddhism, as we are kindred Paths

See my East Meets West section or the Dharmas
of the Buddha for many correlation's between the Buddhist Way
and My perception of the Path I follow

Most Solitaires Celebrate the Sabbats,
The Wheel of the Year

They are, Samhain, Yule, Imbolg, Ostara, Beltane,
Mid summer, Lammas and Mabon

There are many many more , but these are
the most commonly celebrated by most Pagans, regardless of their Path

There are full Moon rites and Dark of the Moon rites
and rites and ritual for just about any honor or need, you can think of

A Solitaire practices any or all of these and More

This requires a great deal of dedication to the Way
I mean .. who would Know or care if you didn't ? :)

Well you would as the Solitaire obviously :) and that's the whole point

You are practicing
your faith to honor the Gods and improve the self ,
and your fitness to be a tool in their hands for the betterment of all

If you are a practitioner of Magick, most of the Magick you do,
is for the welfare of Others

So a Solitaire, spends most of their life, quietly doing their best to improve
their little corner of the world and the people in it, with general good will
towards mankind as a whole on a regular basis

Think about that for a second ....

Millions of people, who start their day
with a praise to the Gods on their lips, whose most fervent wish
is to see the world a better place

This would come as no surprise to most people,
if I was talking about some other faiths

If I told you a Catholic Nun, prays for the World everyday,
you would nod your head and go yeah

If I said a Buddhist Priest Prays the Mandala of the 101 names of God everyday
for the betterment of the World you might nod your head and say.. Really ? and smile

But would it occur to you to think
that Millions of Pagans start everyday with such prayers on their lips ..
That they do Magick to Heal the hurts of the World .. ?

To Many, We Pagans are Godless and Selfish

Not hardly :) We have lots of them !

And Selfish, NO .. Not even close..
Would a selfish person drawn a circle and hold ritual investing great personal energy
to drawn down the Power and send it out , to help the Trees grow.. ?

Or ask the Rain to fall ?
Or some War somewhere to stop ?
Or that our Politicians be reasonable men.. ?
What can I say.. we try to help that one.. hehehe :)

And so on and so on..

Consider any Good purpose you can think of..
Now realize that some Solitary Pagan will be doing ritual for it.. tonight and every night

But up to this moment, maybe you didn't know that

Because they are behind closed doors,
just them and the Gods, in meditation and Prayer for the Betterment of all

This is the Way of the Solitaire

Blessed Be the Great Work
Done by all the Shining drops of rain
That make a Great Ocean of Love
That bathes the World

Hail My Brethren


Art work by Me :) ..Want to see more ..? See
The Gallery