Boris Velljeho..the lovers

I am often asked.. How do I, as a Pagan View Sex..?
The questions range from the realistic, those who have heard the tales.. and want to know
just how much truth there is to them... to the ridiculous.. I had one Gentleman ( and I use the term loosely )
Assume that since I was the High Priestess, I had, had Sex with my entire Coven and therefore
should have no issues about having sex with him
Considering the fact that for most of MY coveners, I was the wrong gender
This would have been rather hilarious, if I wasn't so saddened to think
that this kind of hogwash is still floating around, about Us
So a few words on Sexuality and the Pagan path IMHO

The most often repeated thing brought up to me
with regard to Sexuality is the idea of Sky clad
Which is an idea many non pagans, seem to assume ALL pagans do.
Not so. While there are some rites I do Sky clad.,
it is only because for the ritual it feels right .
The whole concept of it however has nothing to do with Sexuality.
It has to do with freedom and equality. You lose all symbols of rank and title
along with the clothes,  so all are equal. Clothes, according to some traditions,
get in the way of the work, literally by blocking the energy.
And then there is the symbolgy which is why most do it
Naked = nothing hidden before the Gods
and before your fellows the mind set that goes with this
 It is what people seek
We are spirit, not matter
So what difference do clothes make..?

Sex Magick:
The Great Rite and Tantric Paths that are sexual

This is another one really really mis-understood. Which is most likely where the ah ....
gentleman .... got the notion that to Be High Priestess meant I had sex with everybody !
The Great rite is a sexual act .. yes.. is it just for sexual gratification ?


It can be the most powerful thing you can do,but the act of sex is merely the means,
not the point. Like most Sex magick, the energy generated is the point..
The High Priestess takes on the role of the Goddess the High Priest the God,
now mind you if they are doing the great rite together
very often these two people are mates anyway,
or at the very least already lovers
It would not work very well if they were not, as two strangers could not create
the same energy as two well established people.  So its not the big deal
in terms of Sexuality that most people think it is ,other than its semi  public
and Even that is not very public in most cases, we are not talking about
some Live Sex show put on for amusement here

We are talking an Act of High Magick
done by Two well established, well educated practitioners of the Craft
who happen to be lovers .

( This does not. I repeat does not mean that all High Priest/Priestess are lovers ...)

Sorry for the vehemence but this one really irks me  :)  Like you couldn't tell...!

My former High Priest, Goddess rest his soul,
would laugh uproariously at that, in that while he loved me dearly
I had the wrong hormones to do anything for him in that department :)
The Great Rite is High Magick of the first order, not fun and games in the circle.. ! Most sexual Tantric rites are the same.
Sex for the positive energy that it creates, used to a purpose, anything outside of ritual with regards to Sex
is personal and is no different than anyone else .. except for maybe..

Sex as a act of Joy:

You bet :) Now this one does get us into trouble with the more conservative people in that we
Pagans as a rule view sex as a natural Goddess given gift to mankind and to be enjoyed as such.
All acts of pleasure are her rituals.,we  just don't make a point of it over any other act in which we take joy
( or should not.. ) Contrary to what appears to be popular opinion.
We make no judgments on with whom one enjoys this gift Either

Homosexuality is on the same level to us as Heterosexuality.
And all the variations in-between

An it harm none .. do what thou wilt..
Is the way it goes for all things
Love is Love no matter with whom
But that you love is what's important
We are born many times to this World and in those lives we have been both genders..
so why should we cleave to one and disdain  the other for love when we have been there before, from both sides
Like myself.. I am what is currently called Bi-sexual, its had other names over time
and I have ALWAYS felt this way,from day one that I started thinking
of others in affection terms

It was not till I was 10 years old that I found out not all felt as I did.
While most of my mates and assignations have been male, it's  been a simple matter of who I felt Love or even lust ..
for at that time.. Now  among other Pagans this has little meaning.,other than we have a special name,
Rainbow Witches we are called.. :) given our tendency to a colorful nature. hehehehheheehe

Hand fasting and other forms of Marriage:

This is not Sex per se, but a view towards relationships
We Hand fast for a year and a day and then if the parties wish to continue the relationship they renew their vows
Every year ... or marry... or part , whichever is the right thing to do
This to the eyes of many makes us frivolous and unable to handle a relationship
after the first flames of passion die. which  also means to them,
that Sex was our primary intent , to which we might agree. If some person got hand fasted
to someone different every year , even we would look at them a little funny....
But the idea that it's better to part than learn to hate your partner makes more sense to most of us
and the re-newal of vows yearly makes for a stronger bond,between partners,
for the most part.
Most people marry and say their vows,
once and never  again..and over time, as our divorce stats prove, this does not help the marriage hold
In our form you repeat them, in front of friends and relations every year,
promising again to work on the relationship and if you can't , its time to call it  quits!  If  you can't stand up
in front of the community and say, with an honest heart , you love this person and want to be with them,
you shouldn't Be with them. Which makes more sense to you.. ?

Polyandry or Multiple Marriages:

Only  a few words on that.. this concept is ages old, and has been done  by everyone from King Solomon,
to the Mormons, and a whole lot of others besides, so what's the big deal here? Answer.? Nothing..!

Only a handful of Pagans practice this
and it has little to do with the Way .. it's personal

The Other end of the Spectrum.. Celibacy:

Oddly enough this is the other end of mis conceptions that we practice long terms of celibacy for mystical purposes,
well in a word .. Hogwash.. while there are times when one forgoes Sex,  there are few traditions
that require it for other than short periods when one is on a retreat or sabbatical, for a given purpose

Age of the Crone:

Or another  belief that when one reaches the Crone,
read Menopausal, stage of life

That we become some kind of celibate, automatically. While it is true that celibacy
for some periods of time and training are a good thing,  as noted above.,
but forever...? I don't think so... he he

I am a Creative Researcher Of New Experiences myself... :)
And Sex is most certainly still on my dance Card

I hope this little missive of mine goes a ways towards clarifying the Pagan position on these
issues, speaking for myself at any rate, and in some ways, to dis-spell some of the urban myths about the Path and Sexuality.
May all your unions be blessed with the Goddesses smile..


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