Convergence Full Moon

As the Stars converge
The moon shines bright
Let all come near
And see the sight
Of open doors
Precious Light
Hail and blessings be
Let the soul take Flight

Hail Great Mother
We gather in the light
Seeking thy wisdom
Seeking thy Might

Hail Wondrous Father
We gather tonight
Seeking thy solace
Seeking the Right

Westward we Hail
Let the waters shine bright
Clean our souls clean
On this moonlit Night
Welcome Waters Fane

Northward we trod
Mother Earth in the Light
Seeking the power to grow
Our lives to make right
Welcome My lady Mother

Eastward we stand
Let the Wind chimes ring
Clear the cobwebs of old
From our minds we Sing
Hail and blessings be
Singer of natures Song

Southward we face
Let the fires burn bright
Opener of the Ways
Do bring on the Might
We fear not the Light
Welcome is My living Lords Sight

Frost Moon burn Bright
Like Copper in the night
Teach us to grow
And shed the scales of old Blights

Like Great Mother the Snake
Silent we trod the ways
Seeker of truth be with us all our Days

Messager's both high and Low
Hear our petition we ask
To become strong we would grow
Freedom is the power,
To make the changes we must
Help us to ground like the trees around us
And show the world our Trust

Horus Mighty Lord
Whose eyes are open wide
Show us the way to freedom
Show us the way to glide
On the winds of Change

Jera Opener of the ways
She of the open doors
Be with us we pray
Need is upon the land
Your children will stand tall
 But show to us the doors
That will bring us all
We need, to become
Strong walkers of the Way

Waxes and Wanes do mans fortunes go
Like the Moon above our heads
Ever has it been so
Seek within your heart
In your quiet places
Tell my Lords and Ladies
What you need to walk in their Graces

There is no shame in poverty
Nor is their shame in riches
Ask ye now for what you need
Ever mindful of prudent Wishes

Ceres Mother of the Golden grains
Matron of the bread that sustains us
Bless us now with thy abundant face
So we may strongly go about
The three-fold work of Earths grace

The very planets form our symbols of grace
The outer worlds are now open to this space
Stand we now together and strong
Our hands are ready
To bear the burdens along
We are tomorrow's children
We are tomorrow's song.....

My Lord Vulcan, keeper of the forge ye be
Lame of leg so it's said
Yet a maker of mighty weapons are thee
Swords for the servants of the light
My hand is ready to take up the Fight
To cleanse my heart, to reap the bounty of soul
To open my arms to another's need
Mighty Vulcan make me Whole
On the Anvil of the silent seed

Adonia Great Lord of Light
For all that is precious in thy sight
Stand we here in the glow
Of your heart, your grace,
Your everlasting soul
We ask you now to make a place
For us to stand, hale and Whole
We are the seed, help us to Grow

All these things we ask gracious ones
Not for ourselves alone
We are soldiers in the way of light
Long and arduous can be the fight
To aid Earths children in their Plight

We ask no more than we must have
No gauds or excess do we seek
The doors to the Way are open wide Now
We must stand strong ,not Weak

Hail mighty ones by whose hands we are caressed
Hail and be joyful, we know we are blessed
Not false Pride, nor useless splendor by our shining lights
But a beacon to the weary on the paths of Right
Hope stands eternal, We shine for the Might
Of My Lords and Ladies our love ever Bright

Humble we seek thee
Honored that you hear me
Grateful you find us worthy
To walk the paths of Light

Westward we Hail
The Water was sweet
Our soul rejoices
On this moonlit Night
Hail and blessed be

Northward we trod
Mother Earth in the Light
Like a seed in the sunlight
We stand tall and bright
Hail and blessed be

Eastward we stand
Let the Wind chimes ring
Let the song ring out
Tis hope that we bring
Hail and blessed be

Southward we face
Let the fires burn bright
Today we became the Fire
To light up the Night
Hail and blessed be



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