Gather ye now when the winds turn cold
Come round about and let the stories be told
The New Year begins on this night of dreams
When the veil between Life and Death
Parts for a moments reprieve

Persephone Mistress of the Underworld
Bringer of Springtime's Life
Be with us now traveler of the by ways
Mother Earth in the middle of strife

Hekate Mother of  Cold Space
Bringer of dreams and fortunes grace
Be with us now Mother of the Cross roads
Mother whose breath is life's embrace

Bridget Mistress of Fires Fane
Bringer of new life and handmaiden of bane
Be with us now Mother of Triple face
Mother of Fire that warms the souls fate

Poseidon Great Master of Waters ways
Keeper of the dark cold of the sea
Be with us now Father of watery deeps
Father Of the depths that joy brings to me

Gather we now our memories
of times gone by and people passed on
The New Year rises like a soul from the deep
To celebrate life with a song

Hail my ancestors .. keepers of my life's thread
Hail my loved ones who have gone before my tread
My ears are open to hear you speak
My soul longs for the song of your words so sweet

The festival has been gathered
All have come around for the feast
The harvest comes in with the reapers sheaf
Like the chaff on the threshing floor
Now I lay down my woes and cares
to them I say never more
Blown away with the wind
Like the dust at the door

Let the candles be lit in our loved ones names
All honor to those who have gone ahead
Blessed be the light, on this dark of days
Lit from the Need fire the caldron of ways

Crone Mother whose face is hidden from the light
Come ye forth great Mother and join in our rites
Each living thing in time comes to your embrace
Death is but a door, that someday we all face

To you go all our cares and burdens
The outdated things, that need to be erased
We face you with Joy for this freedom you bring
Hail Mighty Mother Of the quite face

This night of the New Year do we face our fears
With candles bravely lit, we look back over the year
We set aside the masks of day to day life
And face ourselves in joy without all the strife

Our tools lay to hand of Craft and the Sight
Your blessings we crave tonight of all nights
The gift of sight this night is bold and brave
For those who have the will to seek the way
We seek the road, we seek the path
For the year to come we seek what will last

 Grain we offer golden and ripe
The apple with its stars of sweet of delight
Our Labor has borne fruit .. its measure we take
Hail all Gods Unnamed for the blessings they make

Low the candle burns, the rite is nearly won
One last task yet to be done
Reach out your sprit to you brethren kin
Hold tight to the souls that surround you
Welcome to them all this New Years day
May the Mothers blessings abound with you

Blessings Persephone for your wardship
Hail and Merry Part Mighty Mother

Blessings Hekate for your Kinship
Hail and Glad tidings Mother of Darkness

Blessings Bridget Triple Mother of wisdom
Hail and Gratefulness for your guard over us

Blessings Master Poseidon for Tridents might
Hail and Thank you for your warding ways



Web set by yours Truly
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