Rite of Mabon

Hail the Harvest Moon
Hold your sickles high
Ripe is the Harvest of the Light

Come hither Whispering Water
Whose cool drink has fed the grains
Pour now into our cup of Joy

Come hither Dark sweet Earth
Whose bounty we harvest
Ground us now we pray with thy savor

Come hither Dancing Air
Whose cool breezes mellow the brow
Blow gently on this company

Come hither Fires Flame
Whose bright favor burns away
The stubble of the fields
Bless our endeavors with your Light

Hail Cerridwin, whose caldron of wisdom we seek

Hail, Dionysus ,Merry Maker, let us know Joy

Hail Great Mother thy children have toiled long
And have reaped the bounty of thy grace

Hail Great Father who guides our steps with
thy wisdom

Round the circle go
Gather the power .. make it grow
Great Vortex of Light
Shine like the Sun
Drive away all doubt, all fear, all woe
As the Doss of the fields burns

Round the circle go
Feel the power... make it yours
Great is the Gift of the Mothers Love
Like a great heartbeat
Feel it energize your soul
Like our Mother the Earth calls to the seed
to grow

Round the circle go
Shed the tears of the Years woe
And let it all go... cleansed be your soul
Rise up your heart..to face a new day
With the cool wine of accomplishment

Round the circle go
Spread wide your arms like the birds and fly free
Lift up your heart, Lift up your mind
Rise up and be one with all

Dance the Dance of life..to the rhythm of the sickle
as to the harvest we go..the harvest of the soul
Banished is the weal of woe..let go the burdens
That drag at the heart

Love and Light..spread it around
Like the sower puts seeds in the fields
Rise up Light Walkers
And reap the harvest of Joy

Hail and blessings be
Cerridwin..your caldron overflowing
is your gift to the wise..Thank you

Hail and blessings be
Dionysus..Merry Meet..sweet wine maker
to ease the weary soul..Thank you

Hail and blessings be sweet spirit of Water
to cool the hottest night
Thank you and fair thee well

Hail and blessings be Sweet Mother Earth
Giver of Life and Home
Thank you and fair thee well

Hail and blessings be Sylphs of Air
Dancing sprits of flight
Thank you and fair thee well

Hail and blessings be Fires flame
Warm and comforting on the darkest night
Thank you and fair thee well


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