Rites and Rituals
Merry meet

With Dear Friends of mine..
I have been doing Online
Full Moon and Sabbats Rituals
For some years

I share what I create for those events now..

With You

May they serve you well

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During the Eclipse Rite

Rite of Summers Full Moon

Full Moon Rite

Rite of Beltane

Rite of the New Moon
Of Interconnection

Healing Rite of the Full Moon
Healing Grace for All

New Moons Rite
Of New Beginnings

Rite Of Lammas 2003
Time of Changes and Liberation

Rite of the New Moon
Before Mabon.. A time of Changes

Rite of Mabon 2003
Harvest of the Soul

Rite of Abundance
May the Path Bloom

Rite of Healing
By the full Moons Light

New Moon 2003
Before All Hollows Eve

Samhain 2003

Covergance Rite

Hail the Moonlight Rite

New Years Rite

Cool Moon Rite

Fall Full Moon Rite

Yule Rite 2003

Rite of Magick

Imbolg Rite 2004

Rite of the Waiting Time

Flight of the Soul

Ostara 2004

Rites of Spring

Wolf Moon Rite

Dark Moon Night

Spring Times Light

Dance of Life Rite

Litha Mid summer 2004

Rite of Cancerain Moon

Crossroads Rite

Rite of Deliverance

Ways of a Child Rite
Lessons of the hourglass

New Moon before Samhain 2004

Samhain 2004

Rite of our Thanksgiving

Yuletide Rite 2004

Cold Wolf Moon Rite

Drawing down the healing power

Candlemas rite of Imbolc 2005

Blessings of Passage

Love and light, peaceful embrace

Waiting for Spring

Fulsome Spring rite

Ostara 2005

Spring time Rite

Mothers Day Rite

Hunting for Joy

Summer Rites

Lammas 2005

Blessings for those in need rite
Dedicated to victims of Katrina

Mabon, 2005

Last of summer rite

Eclipse rite before Samhain

Samhain 2005

New moon after Samhain

New Years rite

New moon before Imbolc

Love and light Rite

Ostara 2006

Beltain 2006

Spring time dawns

Healing Rite

Mothers Day Rite

Graduation Rite

Lammas, 2006

Green 'Rite

Dedication for a Healer

Ease of the Fire rite

Lessons of the Flowers

Autumn Equinox 2006

Full Moon before Samhain

Samhain 2006

Rite of Thanks

Yule 2006

Rite of the Dark Moon

Ostara 2007

Earth Day. 2007

Beltane 2007

Sunlights Rite

Healers Song

Lammas, 2007

Ritual of Bast

Samhain, 2007

After the fires

A moon before winters rite

Full Moon Candles Rite

Yule Rite 2007

Moon after Yule

Womanhood Rite

Candles in the night

Seeking the Spring

Unfolding the land

Beltain, 2008

The Rite of Lights
Mid summer

Dark of the Moon Mother

Hail Storm Mother

Hail to the All Father

There will be more ...
Feel free to use them for your rites, if they suit, but please
if you web publish them to share, credit and link them to me
and May Blessings Flow to One and All

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