The Tarot and the Qabalah Combined

Cabal and the Tarot
As you can see there is a strong coralation
between these two concepts, there is good reason for that.

The main one being that the Tarot is designed
to reflect the connections between the main concepts:
Taken as a grouping or individually. 

For example:

The Kether or Crown of the tree of light relates to the Universe,
the Wheel and Judgment..

If you believe in the Tarot or read them, this will come as no surprise
that the self above the self  which the Kether represents
should be connected to the whole universe, the wheel of life we all trod
and the Judgment we use to navigate it.

All three of these cards relate to the higher/evolving self in a Tarot reading.

Lovely site on all the relationships in order

There are many other permiataions as well but these are enough to give you an idea.
I will write more on this subject when I have the time..

Also ....  heres a wonderfully detailed site
That uses the same image but can explain it in much better detail than I..




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