Privacy Policy

In the course of creating a web site for you or other such services
I will ,of necessity, become privy to
a great deal of your personal information. Name, DOB, address, passwords
and other such personal data.

In the course of creating services for you, I perforce know everything about them
because I set them up for you as part of my service to you.

It is the policy of Pagan Art to share this information with no one and or no agency.
I make no master list of such information and keep it at hand for the sole purpose
of doing the task for which you have hired me.
With the exception of a link to your web site as a display of my portfolio.

At your request I will delete any all such information from my files
at end of our businesses and you are free to change any and all passwords etc.
that were in use during my time of service to you.

I further assure you , that unless I have your direct consent to do so, I will never enter into your accounts
for any reason, whatsoever, save to do work or make adjustments you have requested.

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Esta Weiss