Sweet Maiden of Spring

Hail and Most Welcome Dear Lady of Life

Vibrant and Alive, Brings an End to Winters Strife

The Plants are Awakened, The Trees are in Bloom

Flowers Adorn every Inch of the Room

All the Creatures are Courting and looking to Bear

And the most Prolific .. is thy Beloved Hare

The simple Egg to remind us .. of the Treasure you Bring

New life for the Living, .. Renewal .. The World Sings

Sweet is thy Bounty Great Mother of Old

But the Nectar of life ... is drink only for the Bold

For Only the Strong can bring Forth new Life

Only the Strong ... Passed through Winters Strife

From the Sleep of Death .. the Land you Awaken

Sweet Lady of Grace .. With the Suns rise we Greet thee

Gentle Maiden .. May you ever Smile on Us



Thanks to Ohio State University, the National Forestry Service
and a Graphic Art Student named Stephen Lars
for the public domain Pretties .. smile and nod their direction