The Metaphysics of the Craft

Most people who start out in the Craft, do so from a ritual point of view.

However, a great many people also know little to nothing about
the metaphysics of the Craft, even thou they do it, one hopes, every time they hold ritual

What do I mean by metaphysics ?
The sheer mechanics of the act itself

The act of the craft, while covered in rite and ritual ,
which is a needful component, however
There are some physical facts related to the actions
that one should know about, in order to do it well

This missive is a basic outline, with many out links....
as a starting point to learn more..

To Begin

The world is surrounded by lines of electromagnetic force.
We humans run on electrical power.
Building a "cone" of power as used in the Craft,
is to create a directed force of this energy, where we are the conduit.
Which is putting it in very simple terms,
please read on and I will explain in more detail

The very word "Witch" means to twist or change,
in other words, to effect changes, through the directed use of power.

This is not a new concept. If one were to take Kirlian photos
of any real religious rite, one would see the outline
of the power being raised by any decent practionor

We of the craft know this and use this build up of energy to directed purpose,
which is all prayer really is .. just we get a little more involved
with the matter personally than others perhaps might

Now as to how this all works....

I will meander about putting in links to this and that as we go but will get back to the point
I promise..:)

Recent science has proved, to it's own satisfaction,
what we of the Craft have always known.
Ley lines, the lines of force, that the world is surrounded by.
Which are the lines of electromagnetic force I just mentioned.

They have many nexus points where they cross..
and surprise a great many of the old sites of power
are located at these nexus points.. 
These lines are the lines of force one taps into, do to the Craft.


My own page on Ley Lines

We humans also, have our own points of connection
called Chakras, which have been "known" for many centuries.

And again, current day science has been able to map these current
of the eithirc body, using Kirlian photos
as they move and shift about the body,
and thereby prove to others, what we already knew..

Chakra rainbow

My page on Chakras and the Craft:

The bulk of the lore on Chakras is on their emotional aspects.

For example: A person with a closed heart chakra
would have issues with emotional commitment or love.

However, as with most things,
there are two levels of understanding
and knowledge, the Chakras are no different.

Our body is like a circuit board,
and the Chakras are the power transformers. ...for the Will and the Way...
As well as our emotional centers and aspects of our life force

Which is why they are a major meditation subject

Yet another good thing to know as a practitioner of the Craft how to meditate

My page of Chakra Meditations

My page on Meditation general

Now ready for some real confusion ?

This most eastern of arts the Chakras,
has connection with the Cabalistic tree of life,
which has been studied most by the Hebrews

As well as, has been used, in one form or another, in a variety of other sects thur out history.

Truth is truth as is seen by all... another very useful tool for the Craft

Chakras and the Cabala
Both the Cabal and the chakras as one.

Chakras and the Cabala over man

The two together look like this..

Readers of the Tarot will find this of interest in that the Cabala maps out all the cards and
archetypes seen in any good form of divination.. and higher forms of thought

For a very decent read on just this issue see below..

My own minor page on the conjunction of the Tarot and Cabal

Here it is..
I did promise I would get back to the point... :)

So Ley lines, Chakras, the Cabala..
Meditation ... Jungian archetypes and Philosophy ...
What on earth has all this got to do with the Craft and how it's practiced ?

Well, as you can see, most of the things we Pagans tend to work with,
and believe in, are all interrelated put it simply.. Which is why one needs to learn about
all of them in order to understand how the metaphysics of the Craft works
Putting it in basics:

The Human being as stated before, during an act of the Craft
runs the currents of Earth through the Chakras of the body and sends them out to a given purpose.
Done correctly the amount of energy one needs, is taken directly from the ground itself from the Ley Lines
( now you know why most rites are done barefoot ) changed by the Will,
and sent out through those same Ley lines and beyond to the Cabalistic tree of life

The channeling of such power done by many, as with a Coven
is most often sent to to the high Priest/Priestess
who then creates the cone of power, which they use ,for the rites intent
( and that's another long known and finally agreed to by science that it really IS a cone of energy )

Star wars wasn't far off when they said
" may the force be with you" 

To "ground and center" as we call it, takes on a whole new meaning
when seen in this light..! As it means to make this connection with Earth forces.

And is more important than ever when dealing with this kind of force..

This kind of force, is one reason why we cast a protective circle
around our work, it's not just to protect us from outside influences, 
but to contain this kind of energy.

And does this make us all some kind of Wizard tossing fire balls around ?


We are just the same as any other devout person who petitions the Divine for Aid
and guidance as we make our way through life.

Weilding the power

I love this image of it but I cant remember where I found it
If you should run across it in your travels..
please come back and let me know so I can give credit where it is due..

Now why did I bring this up at all?

Simply put, there are some practitioners of the Craft who know nothing
at all about these things and how they relate to the use of the Craft
and as a result produce not as much effect with their rites as they otherwise might.

Their intent is honest and the will is there..
but if all one is working with, is the current the body itself possesses
and operating on instinct, the cone one can raise is not likely to be as powerful as it could be.

Not to mention that one will be all but sick and exhausted after it's done.
And if you have been giving a read to all the pages I have put up
you will understand why

( YOU have been giving the rest of them a read right? :)

Now can you raise power with the help of the divine 
and be a good practicing Witch
without knowing all this?
Of course you can .... Its been done for centuries.

But if you want to be very good at what you do
and make your efforts really count when they are needed,
then these are things to know and practice and you will find your workings
have much more effect and ease of creation.

I hope my little missive here has given you some food for thought
and a good jumping off point for further inquiry on the subjects presented.


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