Mother Give you peace my son
Every year at Samhain is the time for honoring the dead
Each Hollows Eve for several years now has had even more meaning for me
Oct, 18th, 1999 was the day my son Cory went to the Mothers arms.

My son would laugh at such a formal setting
for his picture. He used to complain to me
"Maw, ya got pics of sis all over the place but none of me"

Well there is now !

He didn't stand still for Pictures very often.
My fire child , forever on the move
too busy with life to pose.

Perhaps somewhere he knew
his time on this Earth was short.
So he didn't bother with the
mundane things, like school work
or too many of the

Which made him such a handful as a child  :)

A silly accident while getting a Frisbee back
of all things took him away
at 23.... such is life
and the variances of fate

In his untimely death came new life
for 5 other souls 
I take comfort in that knowledge

May the fates be kinder to him 
the next time around.

Merry Meet, Merry part
and Merry we shall meet again my son.


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