In Memory of
Andrew Siliar Brooks
Faithful friend, teacher and scholar.
Writer of song, poetry and serious work for the wise.
May the Mother embrace him.
May the Father rejoice in him.
He will be missed, but not forgotten
As he touched many lives.
Go in Peace my friend.

Blessings be Andrew
Andrews own words

"As a person gifted with the ability to hear the dead, I view death a bit differently 
than some others do. I mourn the loss of the body for a time, missing the company 
of loved ones, but I also rejoice that the Spirit is free, to walk in the Light. 
At this time, though we honor the dead, it is also a time of life,
for the cycle of life, death, and rebirth is a part of Nature. 

A flower grows, goes to seed, dies, and it's seeds are reborn, and life continues. 
So too with mankind. A soul comes into form, is born, lives, dies, and moves on,
and so there is no destroying energy - life continues, through a cycle, 
and death is but part of that eternal dance. The Wheel turns. "

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And merry meet again in our time to friend