Matushka Zemlia by Pagan art

Matushka Zemlia

Hail to thee Honored One
Moist Mother Earth from whom we all Came

Every Seed and Flower are thy Gifts
Blessed be your Name

When Oaths are sworn My hand to You
To make the matter Binding

For what Man can be False
If His Mothers hand he's Holding

When Marrying we Go
In our hand we hold some Dust

To Bring the Greatest Witness
Our Mother whom we Trust

When our time is Over
Our Last words are to thy Breast

Great Mother of the dark Earth
Is where we are laid to Rest

Hail and Honor to Thee
for the Blessings that you Show

Mati Syra Zemila, Matka, Mokosh
Are the names by which we Know

Patron of the Wise Ones
of Herb and Leaf and Flower

From thee comes the gift of prophesy
That we may know our finest Hour

Hail to thee our Mother Be
And may we Bring Joy to your Garden Bower


Mati Syra Zemila
Is the Great Mother in "Mother" Russia
and other Slavic states
Now you Know why they say that :)