Karma by Pagan Art


Or what goes around comes around

"Karma is intentional action, that is, a deed done deliberately
through body, speech or mind. It is a natural law that every action
produces a certain effect. "

"So if one does wholesome actions, such as helping people in need,
one will experience happiness.

On the other hand, if one does unwholesome actions
such as hurting other beings, one will experience suffering. "

"This is the law of cause and effect at work. "

"In this way, the effects of one's past karma
determine the nature
of one's present situation in life."

Now that's putting it pretty simply isn't it..?
Sound familiar..?
It should

Sounds like anyone of a dozen such sayings..

Ye old Golden Rule .. Do unto others
The Wiccan Rede ... An it harm none...
 Christian ethics ... As ye sow, so shall ye reap

And a Thousand other sayings.... all saying the same thing
deliberate action taken with intent
that effects what comes next

What goes around comes around ... as was said in my youth
 as what we put out ... is what we get back

"Karma knows nothing about us. Does fire know us when it burns us?
No. It is the nature of fire to burn."

"If we use it properly it gives us light, and
cooks our food for us "

"But if we use it wrongly
it burns us and our property."

"It's work is to burn,
and its our affair to use it in the right way."

"We are foolish if we grow angry and blame it
when it burns us because we made a mistake."

Which is just another way of saying the same thing..
That Karma happens

I can think of another one that sounds like that
but I'll behave.. :)

It means that if we are careless and pay no heed to sensibility
then we have earned what we get

It means that we are responsible for how we deal with others
by action or non action

For Example
If ya don't pay the rent .. don't curse the landlord
for tossing you out in the street :)
that is your Karma .. for lack of action

It also means ,most certainly, that if we give out misery and pain,
hate and despair to our fellow man, what can we expect
but the same back in our own lap?

Does this mean its all fate ... ?
That there's nothing we can do.. to make things better ?

Of course Not !

It just means we can't expect
to behave like a piss ant

And not expect the world
to step on us once in a while

My apologies to the real piss ants  :)

"Man himself is responsible for his own happiness and misery.
He creates his own heaven and hell.
He is master of his own destiny, child of his past
and parent of his future."

So said Buddha ... smart man :)

This means that you create your own reality
you can be happy or miserable .. whichever you choose to be

 For Example
It may be a fact your poor .. through no fault of your own
Ie: its not caused by lack of action on your part to earn your own bread
.. it simply is your state of finances .. It is an action on your part however,
if you choose to be angry with the world about your poverty
which will bring more misfortune on your head

Or if your Ill, you can rail to the high heavens about the injustice of it ..
thereby making your health worse  .. again the act is its own Karma ..
or you can do you best to improve your lot ... there's always a choice

Which one you make is up to you

I Believe that we are here for a reason
and one of those reasons is to do tasks for the good of all

  They are there for us to do ...  at any moment of our lives
if we even take a moment to look for them .. we can find a dozen
without really trying .. and if we do these things
then good things will happen .. In our lives as well as theirs

 Now this does NOT mean
Do good because ya get bennies .. it means
one does these things because its right to do them :)
Intent is very big on the Karmic scales

However there is a very simple payoff in that
the Great Mother will provide for us
while we are doing the Great Work
which is the betterment of all her children

However, If we are selfish and work only to our own gain...
shunning the needs of the world
Then the world will treat us accordingly
and shun us and our needs

The Great Mother merely lets it.. she does not punish anyone
for failing to act for the good of all
she does not need to..

The world .. as we have made it in our own selfishness
will do that quite nicely

Again this is Karma

Does this mean that if you do good for others
nothing bad will ever happen to you ?

No, it means that you will not bring more
misfortune on yourself by foolish acts
than what fate has handed you

Karma is what you bring into your life
by your own hand and intentions

It is not ,however the only effect on your life

Most of us
who follow the Pagan faiths
Know that.. "life happens" and when it goes wrong
we do not Curse and Hex people for the variances of fate
contrary to popular opinion.. :)

 If for no other reason than Because Karma works :)

 Even when life goes wrong
in fact especially when it goes wrong
we are still expected to do right

And, of course, the simple fact
that to do right .. is right
 No matter what

One does not need
anymore reason than that
By this we bring Good Karma to our lives

A simple Karmic lesson doesn't need to
be a calamity .. just a wake up call  ..  and it's effect does not excuse us
from doing what we should do ..

To often our response when Bad Karma comes calling
is to lash out at the world because we have been hurt

 This is foolishness, as this only injuries others
who in turn injure more .. and so on and so on
Until it comes back to you then you are injured again ..
and the Karmic cycle continues ..

Only you can break the chain of pain ... your own and others

Karma is the effect of the stone
you toss into the pool called Life

If the toss is soft and gentle and done with love,
then the ripples that return are gentle

If ya drop a boulder in ... by force ..
you are gonna get wet
when the ripple comes back

Its as simple as that :)

Blessings on thee and thine


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Excerpts from the  " Book of Buddha " ... Carmen Daily

Bars/buttons a student work by Stephen Lars.. Big smile in his direction :)

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