Kaltes Mother of Spring, by Pagan Art


Hail Shape Shifter
Great Mother who can be all Things
Bringer of Life and Renewal

Hail Boldog Asszony
Keeper of Destiny
Guardian of the mystery of Life

When it's time to choose a bride
Thy sliver face is seen
Keeper of the Hearth Flame
All Children bless thy name

Keeper of the Time
Between Moon set and Sunrise
The Sun spins in Joy
To be seen with your Eyes

Great Hare Of the Moon
Whose children Fill the Earth
Compassionate Mother
We call at our time of birth

Keeper of the Waters
That man may never Thirst
Sacred is the Water of Life
From which we all came First

Sister of the Sun God
Ever the Graceful Swan
Keeper of life's Purity
That life goes On and On

Mistress of the plants that Grow
Bringer of herbs that Heal
In each grain on the threshing Floor
Is the life we hold so Dear

Keeper of Secrets held of Man
Told on the Moonlit Night
Eternal Confidant Sweet Mother
Whose face shines so Bright

Hail Mother Kaltes
Never forgotten is thy Story
Great Mother of the Springtime
Blessed be thy Glory


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