Great Mother Who Loved Man so Much
That You Experienced Death
Just to Understand Us

Our Culture Was Born
When Gifted by your Hand
From your Fathers House to our Land

Naked Mother
Who Allowed All to be Shorn
That we May Learn How To Be Reborn

Dancer in the Shadows
That We May Know Light
Sacred Star of Venus
Of Birth and The Last Dark Night

Hail Sweet Mother
Whose Wings do take Fight
The Serpent of Passion Rises in the Night

When the Dance of Inanna Calls
Nin- kur-ra-igi-ga --
She who makes the Enemy flee
The Star of the Battle Cry,
Keeps all Men Company

Great Guide for the Dark Path
The Hidden Side of Life
That all our Weaknesses be Known
Is your Gift to Us in the Night

Inanna, Ishtar and Astarte
Estar, Nin-ana and Ashtoreth
Mylitta and Aphrodite

Queen of Heaven with a 1000 Names
Hail and Blessing to Thee
Keeper of Life and Death

Goddess of the Great Above and Below
Who rules the Moon and Owns the Stars

The Prakriti Of
Earth, Water, Fire and Air
Ether, Intellect, Ego and Mind,
All the Parts of the Whole are Thine

The Great Lion
Lays Down at Thy Command
Tame as a Kitten Under Thy Hand
For All the Souls Trial and Tribulation
The Lions Roar is Just an Invitation
To Know the Self
With All of its Imperfections

Great Mother of Passion
Great Mother of Lust
All of Life's Ability to Create
Lies in this Simple Trust
Without Love .... We are Dust

Great Mother who Walks Beside Me
Down Life's Roads so Rough
Eyes Forward to the Light Of Wisdom
That comes With tasting All of Life
The Sweet and the Bitter Stuff

Glorious Queen of Heaven
Before Who Even the Gods must Bow
Hail and Blessed Be Great Mother
Ever Are You with Me Now ...


Art work by ME :) if you would like to see more...see
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