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Hail and Welcome...to my Herb page
What you will find here

There are many pages out there that deal with herbs,from medical standpoints, recipes ..etc. and it will not be my intent to repeat what they have all said yet again. Nor will I attempt to repeat the news about the more commonly known herbs, like mint or chamomile, these are known to just about everybody.Rather I will try to give you a few of my personal ideas on herbs and their uses from some 20 odd years of study, practice and use, that might be new/unknown to you.....

I Hope it is of some use to you

Mexican Damiana: Turnera aphrosidisiaca @

As the Latin name suggests, yes it's an aphrodisiac.
It contains plant hormones, testosterone, and is therefore useful in conditions where such would be applied: Sexual stimulation, strengthen the reproductive organs and treats inflammation of the testicles. ( called orchitis )

Other uses:: fatigue, hot flashes, panic attacks, menopause, obesity, prostate problems, headaches and is an over all energy tonic. As you can see most of it's applications refer to sexuality. It makes a wonderful tasty tea and smells great. It contains the Vitamins/Minerals: A, B, C and E,cobalt, copper, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

Not to be used by pregnant persons!
It can stimulate muscular contractions.

Fenugreek: trigonella foenum-graecum:@

Known since before Socrates, this little yellow seed has been used for ailments both inside and out. The seeds have anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them good for: Joint issues, infections of all kinds, hay fever, ulcers and other stomach irritations. It has a mucilage substance( read jelly like ) to it when boiled which soothes the gastrointestinal lining, throat, and skin...

Since it draws water to itself, it works as both a laxative and diuretic. It can help lower bad cholesterol and clean the body of wastes to sweeten the breath, ease boils and other such skin irruption's. External uses: poultice of semi boiled seed to glandular swelling and nerve pain.

They also contain a fairly large amount of plant hormones...
Estrogen's. Contains Vitamins/Minerals:

Vitamins B-1-2-5-6-9-12 also A and D. Minerals: biotin, iron,lecithin,choline,inositaol,naiacin,
phosphates, protein and PABA.

Now despite how this sounds like a spoonful of a jellyfish..
it is actually quite tasty and not at all slimy.
Unless your making a poultice a little goes a long way.

Not to be used by persons with a history of breast cancer or who are on the Pill.... pregnant persons: sorry ladies ya can't have this either unless your down to the the last few weeks as it stimulates uterine contractions.

Marigold: Calendula officinalis:Calendula

I have a lovely pot of these growing in my garden. Now understand we are NOT talking about your common marigold as you can get from any nursery. Calendulas flowers are 2 to 5 times the size of them and the plant itself is large and sprawls all over the place.. not good for lining a walkway with.. :)

At any rate... the flower head, the stem.. leaves the whole plant. can be used. Best is the flower head green parts and all. It has some uses for inside the body ( circulation issues, diarrhea, fever, jaundice,hepatitis and liver issues) , but its best use of all is outside the body. Made into a salve and rubbed into wounds promote rapid healing with little to no scaring.

Old scars can be treated with the same salve and reduce their appearance. Bruises, sprains, skin ulcers , such as one sees in bedsores and on persons with diabetes. Vitamins/Minerals:Carotene, phosphorus, A and C.

No known limitations.

Yerba Mate: ilex paraguayenisis@

From Paraguay as the name suggests. Another Power herb for invigorating the mind,strength, endurance and mental stimulation.

For thinking on the fly, while on the go... you could not ask for better.

Will make most any other herb you put it with, work better..why is unknown..but it does seem to help.It helps retard aging
and all that comes with that.

Good for: PMS, Hay fever, headaches, obesity, panic attacks and over all stress. It is a fairly tasty tea and mixes well with others without overpowering them. Vitamins/Minerals: Caffeine ( with that list...! is this a surprise.?..) but much kinder to you
than what you typically get in soda or coffee..chlorophyll, iron, B5, C and E.

Not to be used by pregnant persons, or while nursing.
Not to be given to a child under 2.

Mullein: verbascum thapsus

A large plant with leaves like a bunny's ears, in fact that's one of its common names. The list this treats is long but bears being related in full:

Aids virus, arthritis, diarrhea, prostate issues, hay fever, hemorrhoids, nerves, panic attacks and VD. Its best thing however is the lungs: for asthma ( it is rolled and smoked like a cigar and can stop an attack dead in its tracks, I have seen this one happen an other way is to burn some on a brazier with some rosemary to ease the breathing.. this one I have used for myself when I have bronchitis......) bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus issues, and tuberculosis.

Do not try this until and unless you are sure that you will not react badly to the herb or the smoke. If unsure, check with your doctor first.

Chickweed: stellaria media @

So named because they grow low to the ground an are favored by chicks of all kinds. And they are smart little birdies.. look at this list of what this herb, that smells and looks like you just mowed the lawn can do.

Obesity, asthma, aging, blood disorders, chemical sensitivity, colitis, constipation, a diuretic, gastric intestinal disorders, pleurisy and other lung and respiratory problems. Skin diseases and wound treatment: Makes a soothing addition to the bath water:Vitamins/Minerals: B6-12, C, D, biotin, choline, copper, iodine, phosphorus, potash salts, rutin, silicon and sodium.

No limitations known.

Siberian Ginseng: eleutherococcus senticosis @

Which is not a true ginseng at all and does not come from Siberia.
But in terms of use it may as well be. Key word here, Endurance.

Treats or aids: chemical sensitivity by making you better able to tolerate them. Likewise with noise, fumes, vibrations and climatic changes.

It is antioxidant and an adaptogen which just means it helps the body with the damage caused by the " fight or flight response" kicked off by stress.It also in turn helps heal the damages that such stress creates:

Ulcers, pre-mature aging, senility, cholesterol, diabetes, immune system issues, menopause and impotence. Vitamins/Minerals: calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin, thiamin, Vit: A, B12, and E.( that is the same stuff in your average one-a-day )

Psyllium: plantago psyllium:@

This one you have taken, if you have used any one
of a dozen bulk laxatives on the current day market.

But here are a few things you may not know about it.
It lowers cholesterol, removes toxins from the intestines, and despite what all the commercials for the other guys are saying,
it can relieve gas.

( if you get gas after taking it, you have A: taken too much
and B: failed to drink lots of water with it.. )

A diuretic, treats hemorrhoids, high blood pressure,
obesity, diverticulitis ( where pockets of matter gather in the intestines ) and will get rid of worms and other parasites.
Vitamins/Minerals: calcium, iodine, potassium, sulfur, vitamins C, K and T
( yes there is one called T )

Limitations: as noted above take with plenty of water

Thyme: thymus vulgaris@Thyme

Yes I mean the one in your kitchen cupboard. It can heal sinus,lung and respiratory ills. PMS and can suppresses the menses altogether. Migraines, asthma, colds/flu/colic, indigestion, gas, herpes and heartburn and more.

External: kills parasites such as crabs and lice.

Can help get rid of fungal infections like icky toenails and athletes foot.
And just as a note, it will also suppress mold
and mildew on surfaces when added to wash water.

Vitamins/Minerals: fluorine, iodine, iron, all the Bs, C and D.
Not bad for something one seasons soup with. !

Avoid touching the raw oil of the plant ,
some people will break out in a rash from contact.

Lemon Balm: Melissa Officinalis

Best when used fresh so this is one you should grow. Its a lovely plant and grows easily. It is used for: fever, jaundice, kidney and bladder issues,aids digestion, lifts nausea and vomiting.

Will treat headaches, PMS, and nervousness .Is a diaphoretic, which means taken hot it will make you sweat. Makes a sweet golden tea that is very tasty. Its also good on fish :)Vitamins/Minerals:no information available

Limitations: none known

Catnip:Nepeta cataria@Catnip

Yep the stuff the cat gets goofy over can aid you.
This is another one that is best used fresh.
The plant is hardy and needs little care, its also pretty :)

Uses are:upset stomach, colic, stomach spasms, flatulence and excess acid. Make a strong cup to aid in sleep. And yes if you make the cup strong enough you will get as goofy as your cat, but I don't recommend it...the next day hangover is killer..!

Vitamins/Minerals: no information available

Limitations: None known

Mugwort: Artemisia vulgaris@Mugwort

I know odd sounding name isn't it? But odd or not it can do a great many things for you. Internal: promotes appetite
( good after an illness to get back on track ) is a light purgative
( read laxative ) aid to digestion and will regulate bile production in the stomach.

Not bad for a very large, not very pretty plant that gets to be over 6 ft tall and 5 ft around.

External usage: here where this really shines ... as a bath additive. Been on your feet all day and your legs and back are trying
to sue you for abuse? Make a strong pot of this and add it to the bath water and you will feel better...very soon...

Used in a dream pillow it can aid in sleep and as it says....dreams...Vitamins/Minerals: information not available.

Limitations: Do not use internally to excess,
can cause symptoms of poisoning

Parsley: petroselinum sativum:@

Do I mean that green stuff they decorate the plate with at restaurants? 
You bet, what we toss out we should eat...sometimes in preference

to what else is on the plate.


Help to prevent T-cell lymphoma for one ( type of cancer ). 
Eliminate toxins in the liver, treat allergies, asthma, bladder infections,

congestive heart failure, *( yeah you read that right CHF )

PMS, parasites,arthritis, gout,
indigestion's, kidney and bladder issues,
jaundice, prostate problems,
obesity, gallstones, respiratory problems,
and is a breath sweetener..
which you have heard before I am ssure...

Vitamins/Minerals: calcium, chlorophyll,
copper, iron, vit: A, B1, B2, C.

Do not consume if pregnant can induce labor.

Why are there no recipes on this page...?

Healing Pentagram
Getting up on my soap box for a moment..!

A word to the wise about that... herbs are natural yes...
This does NOT mean they are safe for all to use.. and in just any combination..

Before one makes a recipe of many herbs one MUST try out each and every one..
and each dyad of two..and then three.etc..etc..until one can be sure that no bad results will occur in combination..

I can not count how many times someone
would post to the herb/use/net site I used to belong to that said:

"I took these herb pills and had a bad reaction to them"....
and when asked what was in them..was told
..anywhere from 5 to 25 different herbs in the pill...which is great..

IF you know that you can tolerate all of them

but since they hadn't tried any of em out individually
they had no idea which one or what combo did it.....

No recipe..mine or any combo pills..should be taken by anybody
until you check them ALL out..on yourself..
Herbs are the basis of drugs ..
( or were at one time..in some cases they still are... )
the very word drug means " to dry"..
but even the pills the doc gives you
can have nasty side effects or just a plain bad reaction...

Herbs are plants..and many people have allergies ...etc

Also..what works well for me.. might not work for you...

Herbs and their use require study and care..
which is why I hope you are here... :) to learn more..
from my small store of knowledge..
.which is yours for the asking..

Since the law commands

The information contained herein is not intended to replace traditional medical care.
Please see your doctor and seek their advice on any treatments.
Any use you may make of the information herein, you do at your own risk

Getting down off my soap box now... :)

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