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Herbs have been used for Magick,
Almost before being used in food

Below you will find a listing of the herbs
used for the Sabbats of the Witch's year
with just a little bit of their history as well

Also you will find a short list of Herbs
of Protection and Blessing

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All Hollows Eve, Day of the Dead
On this night the veil is thin
and the dead and the living may meet

Rue: for protection..
As not all the spirits that walk this night
are your great Uncle Harvey.. :)

Cinnamon :for the spirits flight:
Clove: for the protection of the soul
Ginger: for power to your workings

Other than the Rue, it sounds like a good plate of spice cookies to me..!

Ever notice that you see or make such things
at this time of year, now you know why!

My Favorite way to use the above, is to mix all,
with the petals of the springs roses.
I use this mixture to bound the circle
and on everything within it

While not an herb,
Apples are very appropriate for the altar at this time of year

So make a good plate of spice cookies
and pail of hot apple cider and toast
All who have gone to the Mothers arms before us... :)
Merry Halloween !


Christian Christmas
The shortest day and the longest night of the year

Time to Gather Mistletoe, the everlasting
for love and relationships
Burned to banish evil and any ill will

Holly for the Holly King, wreaths for your hair for
Protection and making dream magick and over all luck :)

Time to make the Yule log
and make it merry with bows and greens
for the New year to come

Bayberry berries to make candles that burn bright
and shun away all that is not of the Light

Laurel leaves to preserve the folk till the spring lights again
To put under ones head to bring dreams that are true.

Cedar boughs to ease the lack of light, for power and long life,
a good cure for the current day SAD syndrome :)

Sage to flavor the food and the spirit
To bring peaceful vibrations to all it touches

Myrrh to purify and cleanse the space
while we await the spring, a bringer of peace
and tranquility

Frankincense for blessing and clairvoyant visions
and for consecration of your tools

Ivy for your homes protection

Do you see the pattern here, all about
peace on Earth and goodwill towards each other and
protection, during the long winters cold
Merry Yule :)

Time to burn the woods and greens
used during yule and banish winter:

Time to make the bride of Brigets Fame, the bride
being the last shaft of grain from the harvest
of the fields, Upon whom the wishes for the year
are made and then she is hung on the
door or wall to honor the Mother
and remind us of our intents

She is crossed with two
staves which is the rune sign of Gebo
Connectiveness with the divine,
The way of the gift and partnerships

Rosemary: for Remembrance

Wormwood: For banishing the negative, and for blessing

Vervain: to calm the spirits of a waning year
( This herb will also calm us.. :)

Time to consecrate tools and make besoms,
Time to re-tune the mind to be open to the
will and the way:

As the spring is waiting to bloom
It is time for us to be ready to open also

Time of beginnings, time of courtship.
Time to plan the future...

Time to gather the woods
Which will dry for the fires of Beltane. Rowan, Willow,
Hawthorn, Hazel and Apple:

The time of gathering Eggs and marking them
To honor the Gods and create magick

Fenugreek: Powerful healer and seed
of love in the old days
Make into tea for your rites:

( They contain most all vitamins lacking in winter as a tonic of spring..tasty too )

Apple seeds: To bless and grow for the coming year
Apple seeds if eaten can kill, but
the apples fruit is one of our best healers
This time between the old year and the new,
the death of winter and time of rebirth
can have no better representative

Rose hips: For the wish of rebirth
of the rose and of nature:

( They also contain vast amounts of Vitamin C..again needed after a long cold winter )

Pomegranate seeds: Their origin is very old...
The tales of Psyche condemned to the underworld for 6 Mts. of the year for eating them,
only to burst forth in spring and the land is renewed

The Greek version of the Goddess reborn

All things of seed and bud are magick at this time...
It's time to bless the seeds for this
Years crops, to bless the tools
Made for the work both high and low

The humble egg to
remind of life waiting to be born,
in the world and in us

Beltane :
The rites of summer:
May day
:Time to make whole and ready...

Time for the fires of Beltane to burn,
the woods gathered mts before are
well seasoned now, just as the weather
has turned from spring
to the beginning of summer

This is the time of flowers, in your hair,
in the wine, on the altar

Wooduff: Has no other purpose besides flavoring wine,
but is traditional for this wonderful night of dreams
of the spring just arrived and the winter behind us

Marigold: For the healing of wounds
left over from the hard winters work

Roses: For the healing of the dryness of skin and spirit
left after winters harshness

Orange blooms: For healing of the sick
and lifting the heart

Blooms of trees: Apple, pear and peach
which lend themselves to twining into garlands
for the head and hearth

Winter is now officially gone,
the trees burst forth with their blossoms,
the garden is a riot of color and growth

The rites of Beltane are much spoken of
due to their often sexual nature

Many would have us believe that our forebears
were a simple people who thought
that if they mated in the fields
this would make the crops grow

Our forebears knew that great energy
is created during the Great rite:

Energy that could be used for any good purpose
To a people who depended on their crops to grow
or fast next winter, I can think of no better
place to direct such energy,
can you?

Mid Summer:

Time for lazy days
and taking time to make time...

The time when all is in full bloom and growth,
the weather is hot, the birds are busy
with their broods and time slows down for a while

Cohosh: Called fairy candle is seen at this time:
Now is not the time to gather the root,
but the flower to grace the alter
as it is sacred to our Lady

St Johns Wort: To protect the house
and to be burned in the fires lit at this time

Mistletoe: Without the berries now,
for amulets of protection

Honey: the essence of all herbs and flowers
to make potent drink and the sweetness
to remind us to savor life


The harvest time:
The time of plenty to gather in the Mothers grace

Grains and the fruits of the Earth are gathered now

Onions to braid together for storage and magick:
the charm to protect the home and draw any ill to itself

Sheaf's of grain: to make into the bread
That is the center of any rite at this time across
The world in just about any religion you care to name

Garlic: Braided as with onion and blessed
to be hung for protection through out the year

Potatoes: The gift of the Mother,
Nurtured in her earth from spring to summer are now
Ripe and ready to be gathered

So make a fine bowl of potato soup,
with good onion and garlic, with a loaf of fresh
bread and give thanks for the fine harvest
provided by the Earth and our own labors


Last of the Harvest time:
Time to make wine and charm the house

Grapes are heavy on the vine now,
Which lends itself to the task of wine making

Bacchus or Dionysus, are honored
and revered here to ask their aid

( Much is talked about this practice,
most of it bad....tales of drunken revels...and
debauchery, nothing could be farther from the truth )

Corn for the corn bride of Imbolc is gathered now,
to grace the doorways and dry until the time
the corn mother will be honored in full

This tradition of hanging the years corn in this way
is common place in most parts of the world,
although most don't know why.. :)

Angelica: For protection and
to purify persons and objects:

Elcampane: For charms of love and joy:

Valerian: For charms of peacefulness..
to purify the body before the rites

Yellow dock: Made into tea to anoint doorways
and windows for good fortune

If you notice these are all roots or fruits
that only ripen at this time of year, so it
should come as no surprise that they are used for magick
when they are the most available

Time to make amulets and charms
as all possible ingredients are available now,
freshly gathered or put by in attic and store room

Time to make witch broom
charms, as the trees are almost bare of leaf and bark

Time to reflect on the years
Past and work accomplished, while we sit at the table
And make magick with the fruits of the Earth

Herbs of Protection/Blessing:for general purposes

White Sage:

More Magick with Herbs ...
A page of a little more detail on my favorite Herbs for Magick
As promised :)

Herbs of Healing? .see page.

Many of the items of history and charms,
contained here in come from a book called
" Wheel of the Year"by Pauline Campanelli, I recommend this book
highly for newbie and Old Wo/Man alike.
The history and detail will amaze and delight you...

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