Herbs of Magick
Part Two

The History of  Herbs uses in Magick is long and long again
It will not be my intent to try and write all that here .. :)
However A little more detail on Magickal Uses of  Herbs is meet
 Just My favorites .... as promised long ago :)
So here it is

Please Note: There will be no "quote" of the Will and Word to go with the uses
as these are individual things which must be created for the situation at hand


Rosemary my favorite herb of Magick as it has so many uses
The most common use being of blessing
Want to keep Ill wishes out of the house ?
A liberal sprinkling of Rosemary with the right words of the Will
will accomplish this

Want to run off any negative Vibes in the house...? Same thing,
Especially around the doors and windows ...

Want your neighbor to keep their nose outa your business .. ?
You got it  ... Rosemary tossed in their direction
with the Will and the Word ... I make a barrier of it between me
and them if they are a real pain in the backside !

Which of course makes it a perfect Herb for Blessing the Circle
before any rites are done in it, as part of your wards

 Any Rite of Banishing of course,
it becomes a staple on the alter table

It is Sacred to many of the Gods/Goddess
and Therefore useful in any rite to where they would be called upon

Burned as an incense as an offering to the Gods is always acceptable ,
it is also the Herb of Remembrance. So to use it at Funeral rites is also meet

To summon the Forces of Earth ... Rosemary burned draws the avatars
like moths to a flame, with the Will/Word of invocation

Rosemary is for making Charms of protection and blessing
for the self, for others, for places

Plant Rosemary at your walkway to bless all who pass
and Defend the house from Harm

To Meditate well, Make a wreath of Rosemary and lavender boughs
to wear about the head to Cleanse the Mind,
Protect the Spirit and Free the Astral Self for Seeking

And many more but if you look at an Herbs basic purposes
you can find ways to apply them


A common Herb seen in Greek cooking , in small amounts of some use for joint aliments
as an ointment, But for Magick now :)

Rue is protection par excellence , its like dropping a force field
around you and the space you have warded . A packet of Rue in your pocket
or around your neck is personal protection from any and all Ill will
and harm wishing that might come your way .
A banishing herb of high potential .

Made into a light Tea and added to bath water along with Rosemary
is an wonderful Herb for purification of yourself, your tools
most anything you can dip to cleanse and bless

Rose Petals

Love my roses and their uses in Magic ... To bring in the creative forces ,
bound your circle with them. For Divination To aid in the sight

To Honor the Gods/Goddess the number to which Roses are Sacred
are almost too many to list so a good overall offering

Rose water .. To bless the living and the Dead

Say a prayer over fresh rose Petals and while they last your prayer
is repeated . They will stay fresh an amazingly long time when used in this fashion

Attar of Roses, worn on your person, to bring on the Faerie Folk
To aid you in your Rites


To Bless, to Smudge, to Purify people, places and things
To Burn to Drive away evil ( and chase off any Bug to boot )
Sage has been used since Mans first recorded history
as a means to purify Anything

Native Americans make smudge sticks of White Sage and Sweet grass
for blessing sticks that have no equal

Sage as an Herb has preservative qualities, and this aspect works
just as well in Magick, if you want to preserve a state of being
bless it with sage. A dust of sage in with your ritual robes has the effect
of "holding" the Good Vibrations you experienced


To calm and quell disturbances .. Life in an uproar ?
Dust your World with Vervain .. Chanting the Will and the Word

Make a tea of it to drink to calm you
So you may better deal with the situation

Bothered by things that go Bump in the night ?
Vervain is their bane and will drive them from sight
Sorry couldn't resist the rhyme :)


Mistletoe is another one of many uses
Blessing of anything that needs it
Healing of any Ill, be it body or soul or space

Drive off Evil and make restless Spirits be still

Sacred to Balder and to Odin

Make a wreath of green Mis-tel to wear
when performing marriage rites

Protection of the Spirit when performing an exorcism of Evil

Number one Herb when doing Healing Rites
As it has the power over Life and Death

Born of Lightening. Mediation with it can bring on inspiration
when you have run out of ideas when problem solving


This simple kitchen spice is freedom to create
by creating a space free of outside influences and unwanted intentions

Need to be creative ? Need to come up with workable ideas ?
shake cinnamon all over the house and let the smell of it
carry your mind to new ideas.

Protection from all that walks with no feet,
that you did not summon

For any Rite that will be hard on the body use Mugwort
for the Endurance to hold up against the stain

For Visions and Dreams, a Pillow of Wort
with the Will and the Word to see things that are true

Bath the Body in a bath made with Wort
to purify and strengthen the Will

To Banish frustrations from your life
Burn Wort as incense in your living space

These are all of the Ones I commonly use
I hope this is of some use to you
Blessings on Thee and Thine
And may the Magick of Earth flow to you


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