Free Graphics
From Pagan and Proud of it !

I have started making images for Web work ..
as very Often I can't find what I want !

So I am tinkering :)

I have always made note of what's my creation ..
on page bottoms etc..

However, more than a few people,
asked me to put em all in one place..

So here they are..

Now that I have learned a few things about the Photoshop
my dear Friend Ja'Nell gifted me with :)

Since I can't have em all here and load the page,

In under a week that is :)

Links to pages for the larger things

Some of mine, some of public domain modified, only these so far
have come out to where I will use them :)

Complete Web Sets

Little Animation's .. some fun stuff and more serious biz
just a few for now .. but will make more

Accent Bits
I made just for the sheer joy of making them
They make neat little window dressing and header bits ...
I have built a few complete web sets built around them
see Web sets above

There may be more.. :)

Please save all images to your own computer
Thank you

Chrome Goodies

Independent Button Set
The first thing I ever made ...... :)

Green/Gray Rock

Back button

Email button

Home button

Welcome banner

These I made because I could not find anything
to match the green/gray rock wall back
you will see on several of my pages

See in place at .. The Truth and the Way
and you will see why I needed them :)

You will find other button sets .... with the Web Sets

Little Flaming Critters, Made with Flame Text


Cool huh ?
Only on a black back.. but make wonderful accents
but costly in load time so do not get too carried away with them....:)

Banners, Sayings Etc.

All over the site you will find Purpose made Banners
But I Made some for general use as well
They were on my Banners to link to me page
But this seems a more fitting home

These Banners, require no link.. acknowledgment .. nothing
they are pure gimmes .... Enjoy em :)

Moon Powered burnin banner

Moonpowered flashing banner

We are bacj and this time we are staying banner

Freedom of Religion banner

Fight the Fear Banner

Pagan Pride banner

Never Again banner

We have not forgotten banner

Please note: if you came to this page looking for Art work ..see
The Gallery

Please Note that the ART is to look at or buy....
it is NOT for use as free graphics

Check back from time to time..
As I plan to enjoy my New Toy
but only the ones I really like will make it here

Blessings to one and all

P.S. If you do use one for your pages..
please let me know so I can see how you have used it.. :)

To Link back for the Graphics .. if you would be so kind

Link back for Graphics for Pagan and Proud

Button is linked
But should it fall off somewhere in cyberspace
please link to

Thank YOU :)


To my knowledge ALL images used
to create any composite images are public domain .....
if I am mistaken and you Know a bit to be YOUR creation
Please let me know and I will dismantle the work.. unless ya like what I have done ..
in which case I will be happy to provide credit for your part of the piece