Fountain at play

What the Fountain does with itself when we are not around..? :)

Any thing's possible, But I don't think WE will Ever know for sure

We assume it does not, as it defies all logic...but what if logic's not enough to know ?

Unity of Faith, One God

Most Spiritual beliefs, demand a leap of faith,
as we are asked to accept things that are often not logical.

That cannot be explained, by logical means

But is this enough for most of us..? I would say no

Most concepts of Faith and all that implies,
requires that you suspend the thinking mind.

It asks that you do not question or require proof of a things validity

And what is proof ? Questions upon Questions.... :)

With your kind permission I will attempt to answer a few of them

The proof is not some lab test or thing you can lay hands on,
at least not very often, the proof of a things validity, is in your head

Logic is a wonderful tool, but at times it falls short of our desires
to understand, this happens for a lot of reasons

The most common being a faulty premise, which is what logic is built on,
if that's trash, nothing we consider is gonna come out right,
as we have poor, incomplete, or false information
to base our conclusions on.

I mean one can say

I like ice cream

Eskimos like ice cream

therefore I'm an Eskimo

Which unless ya happen to be a real Eskimo,
is just a little ridiculous :)

So logic alone will not give you the answers you seek,
so maybe the key is, better, more reliable information..?

Well where does most information come from on the aspects of religion..?
From history of course, nearly all the books on the subject ( other than modern texts
which have their roots in the old texts..) are ages old.

Can we go back and ask the writers for some clarification..? No...

Can we depend on the translator who transcribed the thing..?

No... They are human and weren't there when it was written either,
Do their best though they may, so texts are out , as a bullet proof
reliable source of understanding..

Great starting points though :)

So pure logic wont give you an answer..
Study alone wont give you an answer...

Live tutoring, one on one. Maybe, but where did THEY
get their information and is IT reliable..?

Again there's a problem,
as the live person, may not have the knowledge you seek
to aid your understanding.

So where does that leave you..?
A very good analytical mind that does not have enough data,
text books that may or may not be accurate..
and a Live person who may not know anymore than you do.
Don't leave you very much does it..? :)

Actually it does... :) It leaves you the one thing that you have
in the largest abundance... Reason..

Reason is not the same as logic
It must come Before Logic.
The Dictionary says it thus

Reason.. (n)
The basis or motive for an action, decision, or conviction.

A declaration made to explain or justify action, decision, or conviction:

An underlying fact or cause that provides
logical sense for a premise or occurrence:

The capacity for logical, rational, and analytic thought; intelligence.

Good judgment; sound sense.

A normal mental state; sanity:

Logic.. (n)

The study of the principles of reasoning, especially of the structure of propositions as
distinguished from their content and of method and validity in deductive reasoning.

A system of reasoning:
A mode of reasoning:

The formal, guiding principles of a discipline, school, or science.

Valid reasoning:

The relationship between elements and between an element
and the whole in a set of objects, individuals, principles, or events

Computer Science.
The non arithmetic operations performed by a computer, such as sorting, comparing,
and matching, that involve yes-no decisions.

So you can see.. Reason.. must come before all
Logic is simply a systematic way.. to reason..
But too often we use it, in place of our reasoning ability
which makes it faulty from the start
Now wouldn't that just piss Spock off to no end.. :)

So where does that leave us with questions of belief in Divinity?
On our own... is where it leaves us, with our wonderful mind
which is very capable of figuring out things for ourselves

We study to learn what others have learned
We hook up with a teacher to ask questions about
what we have learned, but in the final analysis ...

It is WE who determine if the Divine is real or not,
and if we Reason it's reality then all that is left
is the choice of how, we relate to this Divine presence.

On the Pagan path this process of becoming a person
capable of higher Reasoning is what it's all about.
It's why we spend so long in teaching and training

It's why most any Pagan you will ever meet,
has read and studied everything even remotely related
to the subject they can get their hands on.

Has Studied under a variety of people,
and then proceeds to worship the Divine
in a fairly eclectic fashion..

After all they have so much source material to call on. :)
And if one studies enough, you find that they are all one,
in thought, if not in practice, so any that call to you are equally valid.

It is Reason... worked out with Logic, that tells you this...

Don't believe me..? Then spend the time and study all faiths...
ask all the questions you want... and come to your own conclusions
which is the only way to go :)

May your Hunt for the path to the Divine ones bring you Joy.. :)