Faires in the Moonlight
Fairies in the Moonlight by StarWind

The World of the Fae

And Other Interesting People :)

The above Image is what most people get when they think of the Fae or world of Fairies,
while very colorful and I love it ( especially since I made it )
it's far from accurate :) ... at least in my opinion

Am I saying I believe in the Fae ? You Bet :)
Now Why?

Despite the fact that the Elven folk have been trivialized in folk lore and literature for ages.
I mean winged little sprites,  it does not however, eliminate the fact that they and many other Elder races
like most "Mythical s" ... have their basis in truth

There is more truth in an average day, than in all of imagination.
Think of it as an exercise in the rational mind :)

When calling on Elements to aid you in your rites, it's not uncommon
to hear the Call for the Fae of Earth, the Undines of water,
the Sylphs of Air and Salamanders of Fire,
along with a whole host of others, it's a common part of our lore

This makes a great many people shake their heads, if
 they even know what such beings are and think we are all just a bit nuts :)
As they have believed the fairy tale, which is where the folk lore of our ancestors has been stored

Like most histories, when they are handed down man to man something gets lost in the translation,
but in this case, according to all accounts, it was deliberate, hidden in plain sight. The lore of the Elder races they,
that help the Magick come alive in all things, lives on in story and folk tales so wild, that they can be nothing but tall tale

However buried in the tales, like many such things, is a base for truth,
in how our ancestors related to the Elder Races

Are they real..? Depends a great deal on who you ask ... :)
Are they a link in the experimental chain of evolution that failed ?
Did they live along side us but outgrew this plane and abandoned it ?
 They live in Parallel dimensions
that they cross over once in a while ?
There are many theories

Who knows ... for certain. But, they do register a very real
and very meaningful presence, in the Astral plane, and for some of us, in day to day reality

To myself and many many others, they are aids in those areas they originate from
Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Tree and flower, etc. etc. Dependent on what area you are working on

Does this mean they are a construct of the human mind which has taken on a life of its own..?
. But if that's so, then they are real , now,
no matter how they got there :)

However consider this, the recorded lore of these beings
was not done by Sages and Philosophers, but ordinary folk
some of whom to this day, put out milk and honey for the Elven Folk ...
in the special places ..in honor

I had such a place near a house I had, that I built of stone and glass with flowers ..
I call it the Fairies path and once in a while I placed offerings to the Old ones and asked them to help the Garden
and flowers grow, you should see my Mothers yard, it would be a jungle if we didn't keep it cut back .. :) Coincidence.. ?
Perhaps, for me it matters not, as I can feel them about, in the old ways and that's good enough for me

The light touch on your cheek as the wind blows by, the sudden gust when you speak their name, the misting of water
when your near a stream or waterway that blows at you against the wind, the flare up of the fire when you call the Salamanders
to join in. Part of a transcendental state, with too much incense in my eyes ...? :) Maybe ,But I don't think so, considering this
is part of my day to day life, not just at rite and ritual in the circle, but day to day living ..

While I cannot prove what I say .. nor can anyone disprove it :) ... I feel this way. It does no harm to Honor the old ones
as our Ancestors did. As Magick is more than our mundane reality, perhaps one day they will make themselves better known
and become more active with all of us as it is said they did in the old time ...
as long as We do not forget them :)

Little people everywhere, 

Your fun and love I seek to share, 

Leprechauns here my call, 

Shy elven folk, come to me, one and all. 

Salamanders led by Djin, 

The candle flames you may play in, 

Peralda, Zephyrs of the air, 

Enchant this place and make it fair, 

Leader, Ghob, of Dwarf and Gnome, 

Come make here you happy home. 

Neckna and your undines bold, 

Play with me your games of old. 

Nature Spirits of all sorts, 

In friendship let us now cavort, 

As fairies fly and satyrs play, 

I feel my problems fade away, 

Your fun and love and laughter come through, 

And help me feel alive like you. 
Andrew Silar Brooks

flower fairy

Art work by Me ... want to see other art ? ... with more Fairy pics ?.. :)
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