The Body's Center

There have been many books written on this subject for many many years,
a search on the word Chakra will bring up several 1000 leads and web sites.
From just about every angle you can think of.
So I wont repeat all that here... :)

But I will simply outline how these mystical body centers relate to the practice of the Craft.
A basic primer

Chakra rainbow

There are as many images of Chakras
as there are books about it.But for ease I will use this one.

There are 7 basic chakras.
You have heard about aligning of the Chakras, one assumes,
which for the power flow the Craft demands,
makes very good sense. Why?

Things flow fastest in a line is why, so to have them all open and aligned
is critical to making use of them in a higher sense.

 With that in is a short description of  what they are,
along with the basic information regarding the Craft, and how they interact.

Number one is lowest in the sexual center of the body.
Its color vibration is red.
( There are issues surrounding this for women practitioners
of the Craft.... for more information E mail me... see front page for link )

Called many names over time, the coiled snake, the fire within and others.
As it is first to be activated and used, it is important to keep it open and
free or any draw of power can be stopped before it even begins.

Which means on a mental level
one must come to terms with ones own sexuality in whatever form
that takes, even if it's the fact there is none at the moment. :)

Repressed sexuality can clog and block this most vital of energy centers
and must be handled accordingly.

As the mind directs, the body complies,
which means if your head is all bent out of shape
with regard to your sexuality, so will this chakra center, be similarly warped.

This openness about sexuality often gives the pagan faith
a bad rep with the more conservative faiths in the world.

However, this is a matter of sheer practical reality
in terms of working high rite.

Does this mean go out and make like a rabbit ?
NO.. it means come to terms with it
and be comfortable with you own sexuality...period.

And your seventh Chakra will be in good shape..

Number two is the abdomen,
the active center of the body's digestion.
It's color is orange. The power house of the body.

Given where it is... something that effects the gut would
effect the chakras effectiveness. Like simple constipation for example.

So maintaining a healthy diet becomes essential
for this important chakra to work well.

This area is also the center point for the Chi
as the oriental beliefs call it, which name it as
the seat of a persons power.

So, to do well one must take in the right foods
to sustain the body and the demand you place on it.
And ritual done well, can be very demanding.

Number three is the solar plexus and given the name
it should come as no surprise it's color is yellow
like the solar disc its named for.

It is the chakra of the self, the Id of the system.
It is centered on the stomach, which is why
the taking in of food restores and "grounds" a person
back into themselves after a ritual.

The pot luck after high ritual is not just a social event. :)

It is also why fasting before a ritual is recommended
to free this area from the more mundane use of digestion.

Number four is the heart Chakra and its color is green.
 All things related to love, emotion, and feelings are centered here.

As such, it is almost the most important one of all,
as it relates to your state of being.

One must have their emotions under control, in order to do high ritual.
A heart in turmoil would find doing high rite very difficult indeed.

Number 5 is the Chakra of the will,
clearly because it is the voice we use to make our will known,
weather we speak or not.
It's color is blue.

The will is what matters in any rite or ritual...
its what it is all about ... clear directed will, sent out to clear purpose.

Are we talking the real voice here..?
Not really, but the idea of the voice and what it represents.

Number 6 is the Chakra of the mind and it's color is purple.
The mind is the seat of knowledge and the director of thought.

It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway
that a mind in turmoil would not do a ritual very well

It's also why it's a good idea to memorize the rite
to where there is no stumbling over words and taking away the minds
concentration from the force your trying to raise.

Number 7 is the Chakra of the crown or Keter,
the higher self.

It's color is indigo. Which I cannot show on a black background but see the image above.
The crowns or halos seen in old paintings, are referring to this, most pure of forms,
in a way that made it visible.

It is the point where the force leaves the body
and reconnects with the power from which it came.
With some small changes done to it by the force of Will, which is a rites intention.

There are many meditations that center around the Chakras used for healing of the body,
and given what things they can effect, you can see why they would work for that.

There is a reciprocal effect from your physical body to your Etheric body as it's known..
one effects the other... but the relationship is not absolute

The singing bowls of tibet are supposed to emit sounds which react with the Chakras
and bring them into alignment and bring the body healing.
This is using sound to effect the Etheric body, not the physical one.

Lots of different ways and theories about them.
Way too many to go into here.

However, for the purposes of the Craft
one can make use of this very functional system
to draw the force one needs to do ritual. And to do it well.
By following the very simple guidelines laid out above.

Control of these vital forces of the self
comes from meditative practice with the Chakra centers.

And from keeping the self in balance and harmony,
the body as fit as possible, and the mind at rest..which is a good thing for anybody...
so no big mystery, just plain common sense that to do demanding work
one must be fit and ready for it

It's just that fit, takes on more meaning for the Craft, than just for day to day life.

Does this mean that one
has to be perfect to do the Craft?
Of course not :)

One of the most powerful Witch's I know
is completely disabled in a physical sense.
But she can draw power that would put G.E. to shame.

I myself come under the category of "wounded healer"
Being a healer, who is herself, ill.

The Chakras effect the body and are effected by it.. but the relationship is not absolute.

As Yoda said it is the spirit that matters, not the crude matter of which we are made. :)

But it does help a heck of a lot if you are as fit as you can be,
just the same as with any endeavor.

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Thank you for stopping by and I hope
this has been of some use to you..

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