Banners to Link to Me

Here are some that I made for myself.....
to link back to me if you are so minded ..
There are others scattered about on individual pages
and if you would prefer something like it .. but smaller
do let me know.. I can modify it anyway you need it
or I can make you one to match the site you want to put it on..:)

Made  by my own hand

To use the html code below, right click and save an image and name it Paganandproud.jpg and
upload to your own server, then, copy and place the code where you want the banner to show.
Thank you :)
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Pagan and Proud of it !

New banners soon, due to the domain change, have to make all new ones

Text link

Which should look like this

Pagan and Proud of it !

Free free to change the font type and size