SunA Pebble On The Beach
The tides come and the tides go leaving little Pebbles and Shells behind, treasures to be sure
But if no one is there to see them today tomorrow, there will be more
and the next and the next,  for as long as there is an ocean

Now I'm sure your thinking.. Ok.. true enough
but what has that got to do with anything that matters to me ?
Lots of things.. :)

For Example:
A young lady of my acquaintance, has been spending
countless hours in tears over a lost boyfriend ...
while grief over a parting is sometimes a needful thing ..
she thinks however ... it's the End of the world..
There will never be another like him and in that she's right..
there won't be .. as all of us are as unique as the pebbles on the beach ...

But.. there are LOTS of Pebbles on the beach ... :)
But what has this to do with the Way ?

On the Pagan path, one learns .. there is always something new,
perhaps even something better, to replace those things we leave behind

As we grow, we learn what is really important in our lives

We learn what we really need to do the things that matter
and do not concern ourselves over trifles

Now I am sure your thinking a potential mate, is hardly a trifle ! :)

And of course, your right ... however my point is
The path of the Witch is often a solitary one

I accepted this a long time ago ...
If I have a mate or significant other to share my days
they must understand that My life is not entirely my own ...
It is dedicated to the Gods ... and that service IS my life,
all else comes secondary ... including them

Most have been able to accept this
and the fact I am not with them now is more personal
but not always.. there have been a few, who could not accept that the list went..

Gods, then them
(and for part of my life make that
Kids, Gods, then them.. )

I have been recently blessed, to find a working partner, One
who is as dedicated to the Great Work as I am
For which I thank the Mothers grace, but that was
A long time in the coming and finding...

As I came to the understanding long ago ..
this is the only kind of Other ..that Could be in the life
Of any serious walker of the way

So why am I even telling you this you ask ?
To make a point of course :)

That to walk along the Path, one must often walk that way alone
and accept this with a good heart and not pine for that
which you have not ... What you need, when you need it, you will have
And Yes that includes Sex ... Hey it's a need too :)

 Some are placed in your life for you to Aid in their growth ...
Some are just for the sheer joy of it, ...Yeah... love those times :)
Some are Lessons YOU have to learn .. but the long and short of it is...

People come and People go, some of whom,
are very important to you .. but even they go
when their time with you is through ... save for the few
who have found THE one to walk the Path with them
..Blessings on their heads.. :)

There is also this factor, any mate has a right to expect
a certain amount of your time and energy directed towards them.
If you are spending your time in teaching, training, study, meditation, ritual,
research, aiding others, doing your bit for Mother Earth,
Lobbying for the rights of the Faith, etc. etc. etc.. the list is long ...
how much real time does that leave for a mate ? Not a whole lot,
to where very often, they will come to resent the time
spent in dedicated pursuits

Now do you HAVE to do all of the above
to be a good servant of the Mother.. ?

... NO ...
If however, you are a dedicate like me..
Then yes, that and so much more

Now I am sure your thinking..
Sheez sounds like a bummer for all seasons :(

It's not; :) ... While one may have to give up one aspect of ones life
for the most part to the Great Mothers service, if you don't
find a mate who can walk the walk with you
the rewards however, are endless ...

The Solitude is not so great a price to pay, for the knowledge
that ones life has meaning, that what you do, makes for changes,
in the World, even if we don't always see it happen.
we have to have faith that it DOES happen ..

Blessed Be the Great Work and My Thanks to the Mother
that she counts me worthy to have a small part in it :)

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