Yin yang

Yin and Yang
Two sides to every coin
Deeper Meanings to the Mundane World

A few people noticed :) that my pages
IN or Out ? and our being a Blessing or Bane, a challenge
 that seems to contradict each other

One, I tell people to exercise caution in their Pagan affairs

Where the other tells them
to get out there and tell the world

This is Not a contradiction :)

There are two sides to every Coin
We do need to do both..
One for our protection IN, while we work our way OUT
and let the world know we are here
and we are staying !

Nearly all things, but especially the esoteric,
have deeper meanings behind the mundane reality we see everyday

Simple Example:
The planet we live on right..?
Also our Mother from which we are born
Also A living thing in her own right
Also an a piece of the cosmic dance of the stars
etc. ..  etc. ... etc. ...

My challenge to the Pagan community at large to get out there
and communicate our rights to the world, while at the same time extolling them
to the virtue of prudence, as no one wants martyrs..
is in keeping with the deeper mysteries, all things have an inner balance to them ..
go or stop.. act or not act, each of these things is always present,
or should be , its when we are out of balance
that we get into trouble, like on our Pagan rights

Yes we need to take care, but no, this does not mean
isolate ourselves from the world or each other..

We must do both.. or the balance is broken

The inner mysteries are often spoken of, like they are
some deep secret and in some cases, they are.. :)
and rightfully so.. some things ya have to be ready to deal with,
before you take em out for a test drive :)

But this does not mean don't try to learn them ,
it just means it takes some preparedness

But for most things the mystery
is no real mystery at all, its in plain sight, but as hidden from view,
as if it where in a black hole

Hence why its called a " mystery" , When speaking in esoteric terms
it's something of a mis-nomer to say things are a mystery however,
as it leads us to the wrong idea about it all

The word Mystery to most of us means. Something hidden
Something secret, or hard to understand , or the worst one, something we think
we are not supposed to understand !
And therefore, we don't try to understand it, or even look for it.

Like myself for example,
the most profound mystery of my life was
the day I realized that all names for the Divine,
Are one name...
It seems a simple thing to say it now, but what a revelation
it was to a twenty something year old ! :)  Up to that point,
it had never occurred to me, period, for all my reading
and looking for answers.

And its always been so, from the time of the cave man
and their worship of the Great Mother, to now, we are all talking
about the same thing , the same divine force ,
This profound "mystery" is out in plain sight,
just waiting for our eyes to open to it.

There are many more just like it
This one for example:
To be a Witch one must be fey, or empowered in some special fashion.
On one hand that seems to make sense to most,
that one must somehow be special, not ordinary ,
to wield the power of the Witch.
You know what. ? ( ya see this coming don't ya..? )


We ARE special , all of us have this gift, or none of us would.
The only gift a practicing Witch has, is a working Will
and some self discipline. That's all there is, there is nothing
fancy about it. Sure it takes work to get that kind of control
over the self, the mind ,etc.. but this is why we train and study
and meditate ,but something out of the ordinary .. no,
anyone who has the drive, can do the the same

We just think that you have to be
somehow different to begin with to do it.
I know there are those
who will disagree with me on that one
but it works out that way to me...

Think for a moment of all the things that make you go mmmmmm?
in your life, don't just skip over em lightly.

Now pick just one
  Then think on it, meditate on it ,
Need more information ? Get it and think some more,
do not give up on just this one thing,
until the mystery within revels itself... and you will laugh..
After you get through being angry with yourself,
that you didn't see it sooner.. :)

The Dharmas of the Buddha
are his teachings he left,
from just this kind of inner delving on himself

Have you ever noticed,
they almost always show Buddha smiling ?
Buddha smiles at himself, for all the things that he sought so hard
to find, only to discover that they were things he already knew... :)


Some graphics by
Diamondeve's Pagoda Inn
which is no more but I give them their due anyway