The Sunset time of life
The Way of the Crone on the Pagan Path

I do wish we could come up with perhaps a better word
than CRONE .. makes one sound so .. old .. bent .. weathered

Hey wait a minute ... that IS me :) hehehehehehe

Now I know that most of the time, when one speaks of the Crone you see
all kinds of images of half moons and all that, yeah well, not me

The Brilliant sunset says it better ... full ... vibrant ... with all the colors
of the rainbow, in glorious life, which is much better concept
than a moon which is almost gone, into the dark IMHO

While it is so .. I have reached the age in life, where most likely I have less
in front of me, than I do behind me, but it doesn't mean
I have one foot on a banana peel either ! :)

So what is the time of the Crone then ?

Old.. ? Well yeah .. Spring chicks we are not, done the Mother Hen bit,
and have even done some time as Nest sitters for others

Now we are just a ( hopefully ) wise old bird

When I look back on the life that brought me to the here and now
sometimes I am amazed at some of the things I have lived through

Some good, some bad, some wonderful and some
downright foolish, But all a part of me

With regards to the Path and the Way, the course is just as
long and varied, and full of zig and zags into this and that

It is that path that I want to talk about
I already have a page regarding Elders in general but
this is not about everybody, it's about the women

Most of a woman's life is geared to production and sexuality
the Maiden, full of life, virgin and wild, the Mother full of life, Caregiver and nurturer, and The Crone ,
which is also full of life and the fact that opinion tends to run to contrary is my point !

Crone to many ,equals a died up old biddy to which I say
" I beg your pardon ... ! " Old biddy my eye !
We are powerhouses of the Craft, storehouses of Knowledge
and since our life is no longer geared to family raising,
have the time to delve into even more knowledge.
We also have the time to work harder on honing our skills of the Craft

We need to Meditate on something all day...? We can
Lack knowledge ? .. We can sit down and read and ponder,
and learn in a matter of weeks, what would have taken Mts. as a young woman ,
simply due to time constraints of child rearing

In the Circle, being menopausal is not a hindrance, it's a help
with regard to pulling the power, as the number one Chakra
is no longer subject to being messed up with our monthly cycles

We are sexual adepts and can mix our energies easily
with a partner for the Great rite or any rite.
Ya can't do something for 30-40 some odd years and not Learn something :)
This one does tend to carry over into the mundane..
whats the old song ? Older women make beautiful lovers :)

The way of the Crone is a path of freedom, free to take the time to study and learn new things,
to walk new pathways we didn't have time for in our youth
The time of the Crone can be one of Power

Too often we women tend to look at this sun setting time with
dread, for the losses we face, our youth, our soft looks ,
our vitality of body as systems are starting to show the wear and tear

But the Path is a way of the Spirit ... not the flesh ... so those things don't matter,
what does matter is we are the ones who have been there done that, often more than once
and have learned how to use that spiritual self .. the real self ..
the one that transcends matter

This should be a time of joy, not sorrow, for all that we can gain
I enjoyed my youth, and the time of Mothering was trying but fulfilling,
but now the time of life that is best, is mine

I can refine the self, hone the skills, learn new things and become even more of a servant of the Mother
of which she will be justly Proud

I Greet my glorious sunset with Joy and thanksgiving
for the time before me is almost as much as behind me only now
I can make of it ... what I will ... not what the needs of life of my youth demanded

Blessed Be this time of the Crone :)


The Pentagrams are my own work see accent bits or the web set

The sunset Image is public domain thanks to NFS
The Bar is one of a collection of student works
released to the public domain .. by Stephen Lars
Nod and Smile in their direction :)