Notice of usage for my site content
Pagan and Proud of it

Please know, any or all of my site is here for you, to read, enjoy and one hopes profit from.
I have done my best to present things I feel will help you along your pathway. Feel free to link to any page
in my site to share it with others, and even take small parts of it, to build your own pages around, with proper credits.

Regarding my rituals, feel free to copy them and share them, but again, clearly credit them to me
and link back to me for them if you web publish them. They represent many years of work on my part.

We all borrow from each other to a degree, and this comes under fair usage,
as long as source is noted and credited where the original is known, such is generally accepted by all
but, as we all know, occasionally it's not known, having been passed from hand to hand to the point
where no one knows from whose hand it first came, which is why I make such note on some images and passages I use,
as even after extensive effort to find the original, I am often left empty handed, but the work is too valuable not to share,
which is why I say that the author is unknown and if anyone knows who is the author of the piece,
to tell me, and some have done just that, blessings on their heads for that,
so I can credit the passages properly to its creator.

Occasionally it's the author themselves :)
and all have given me gracious leave to keep using it, with proper notation of author.
Which I am more than happy to do and I am very glad to meet them at last and put a proper name
to their excellent work. It is never my intent to step on the toes of anothers intellectually property.
And if in some case I have done so, please, do tell me and I will remove it forthwith.

On occasion you will see notices of credits for images, and passages on the site, for sites that are no more
 as they have disappeared off cyberspace, but I still give them their due of credits none the less,
even if the links are no longer valid, that's how strongly I feel about it. Ditto notations of things that
are, by full rights, public domain, that I don't really have to credit them, but I generally do anyway.

So be advised you have my leave to do so for my site content, that is my own,
with proper notice of source and credits, and a link back is preferred.
This does not apply to "common" knowledge we all share, but things that are entirely my own
which is 99% of my sites content. This permission does not apply to Artwork,
unless it is art you can freely take from my free Art gallery at Pagan Art, or my free graphics pages
. If in doubt, please ask me first

As a great many of you have already done :) and I thank you for that.
It warms my heart every time I see my work used as a reference for other works and and noted as such.
The current number is many 100s, world wide, in everything from school papers, to wikipedia definitions, white papers,
and even newspapers and magazines and more blogs than I can count. The number of links to given pages number in the 1000's
and I bless every one of them who share my labors so freely with others.

Now the reason I felt the need to make this page is and spell out the permissions like this is, as much as it pains me to have to say this, I find I must, I have also found some of my pages, taken, entire, images, links, codes and all, and posted on other sites and passed off as their own. Now, I wont get into names or sites, as they know who they are, suffice it to say, to those who have hi jacked pages of my site wholesale, without leave or notice, lets just say Karma does work, and let it go at that.

Pagan and Proud of it