Rite of the Waiting Time

You can almost feel it in the air
The spring about to bloom
But winter will have it's say
With it's days of rain and gloom
Curse not the rain and sleet and snow
For the land needs it,
To make the spring flowers grow

Hail and be welcome Rainmaker
Glistening drops of bliss
Sprinkle your holy waters about
Seal us in with your kiss

Hail the Earth, from whom blessings flow
Greet thou the dawn, even under the snow
As your heart warms to springs caress
Guard us with your love, your children request

Hail Brother Wind
Who Howls in storm the Night
Send down the silent lightings
To guard us in our rites

Hail and be welcome Fires form
Sister of the hearth fires blaze
The warmth of life eternal
Please guard us with your bright gaze

Hail My Mother in the Moon light bright
Even in the Darkest moon
Does your love shine right
Whispers on the wind of your faith and care
See now your Children, standing here

Some long faithful, others newly come
Some in wisdom, some in doubt
But all are here as one
Blessings we ask of thee
In all your loving care
To mend the soul and light the life
Of your children standing here

Hail my Father by the Dark Moon
Your face is a welcome sight
Creator of the wisdom, that brings on the light
The Mind is ready and willing
To take up the challenge of right
Hail and blessings my Father
May your hand make us strong in the light

Changes abound in this time of waiting
The land holds it's breath, like a silent room
We too, grow impatience for the sunshine's grace
 Our tempers shorten in the gloom

We all but see the tunnels end
And make mistakes in our haste
Please dear gracious ones remind us
Each thing happens in it's own time
Each thing happens in it's own place

Hail the Fates of my life's thread
Reminders of each times place
May we spend each moment as the jewel it is
And not try to run tomorrow's race

Elelos messager of the Divine
Lend to me your Ear
Hear my tale of Fear in the dark
Tell my brethren that I need them near
Hold tight to the hand, of the hand beside you
For in our togetherness we cannot fall
Come one, come many , come some, come all
Send a message to the heart of Earth
To Let the springtime fall

Green is a man who stands so tall
The treetops outside our reach
Dark of the Moon hear the stag horns rustle
Of bare branches while they still sleep

The Man in black, the silent shadow
For he has no need to speak
In keeping silent he says all
His vigil in the dark he Keeps

Even in the midst of shadow
Is there a blinding light of Grace
For on the darknest night, before the dawn
The smallest Light burns in its place

I am the Key the unlocks the door
Of secrets in the night

I am the twig that lights the flame
That makes my soul burn bright

I am the spark to fire
Warmth of Life is in my hands

I am the light in the darkest night
 Hold close to my heart all mankind

I am the souls desire
To see another day

I am the will made manifest
Thur me all things can change

I am the lamp that burns
To guide the way home in the window pane

Spark of the soul which makes the light
Our Lady's gift, may all things be right

Springtime's fire at my behest
Blessings on the heart that makes the request

Hail and be merry on the Dark of night
For you are the torch that burns
Hold fast to your faith of tomorrow
Hold fast to the light that yearns
Complete is the soul, both Yin and Yang
Light and shadow to each life
My hand is ready to meet with yours
 At Spring times waiting for Life

Hail and we thank you Rainmaker
Glistening drops of bliss
The kiss of  holy waters
Still lingers on my lips

Hail the Earth, we thank you
Your blessings you bestow
Our heart warms to springs caress
Your love of your children protects us best

Hail Brother Wind and thank you
We live thur the stormy Night
The lightings light our way home
Now that we are done with the rite

Hail and thank you Fires form
Sisterhood of the blaze
The warmth of life we take with us
We savor the warmth of your gaze

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