Sunlight's Rite

Blaze the summer sun does shine
Warning the land and the hearts of man
Hail Sun father, whose kiss brings life

South the suns fire burns
Hail to the life bringer

West the water cools our thirst
Hail to the life bringer

North we bow to Earths Fecundity and life
Hail to the life bringer

East we bow to the winds embrace
Hail to the life bringer

You who are the source of all power,
Whose rays illuminate the world,
Illuminate our hearts with thy burring light
Enlighten us for the Great work

Nourishing force for all worlds
The son of Aditi, the creator,
The inspiration for all movement, as you travel the sky's

Hail Destroyer of darkness
whose light reaches the high and the low
Silent witness to all the world

I rise with you and give you praise,
Ye of  golden hair
Hair of fire and light, that illuminates the world
Shine your light of protection on us all
Make for us a place of health and prosperity
We ask of thee

Aum Mitrya Namah
Chant we to Suryas grace
Folded like the Lotus blossom
We give glory to thy place

Mitra, keeper of the Law
Hear my oath this day
To the reach of my power
I will spend my life in the service of all men
Whom the suns light does bless

Hail Father Lugh, ever youthful in thy grace
Hail Son of the Sun
We greet thee in this place
Great shining one, we bow to thee
May we be given wisdom for life's race

To a place of no shadows
Do we send our sprits this day
The Suns light many fold, surrounds us
Light to life, Bright light to ease all darkness
Let no ill hide from the majesty of Light

My heart is open to the Suns cleansing fire
For a moment in life, I stop my journey
and open my soul to lights embrace
May I be found worthy of its blessings

South the suns fire did burn
Our thanks to the life bringer

West the water cooled our thirst
Our thanks to the life bringer

North we bowed to the Earths Fecundity and life
Our thanks to the life bringer

East we bowed to the winds embrace
Our thanks to the life bringer

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