Dedication for a Healer

Hail Mother of brightness
May your light shine on this company tonight

Tonight we come to seal to thee a healer born

Our Lady of light to speak the words of grace
Behold your chosen one, gift to man of healing
Sealed to thee by the very gifts you gave

Your healing hand upon the world is the life we come to dedicate

To be pure as the water I use to cleanse the hurt
May I always have the means to ease the pain

To be bright as the fire that cleanses corruption
May my wisdom match my zeal to heal

To be rooted in Earth as the herbs that grow for healing
All the secrets of Earth will I do honor

To be a breathe of life to those who need it
May my hand turn away none who need me

Keeping close to my heart all the secrets given me
This I pledge to thee

Hail Mother
whose soft face in the night shines
Hear my words of honor forever bound
What cost my healing, none for it is free
What cost my honor, none for its is not for sale
What cost my trust, none for it is freely given
What cost my life, none for it is not mine to give

Here I am Mother
All my talents at thy feet I lay
Here I am Mother Giver of life everlasting'
Here I am Mother bound to thy will and sealed to thy service
Here I am Mother I pray you guide and  guard thy servant
That my hands reach out and give peace
That my honor be forever unstained

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