Hail Storm Mother

Storm lashed is the coast
from drought, to flood goes the plains
We bow our heads Great Mother
And place our fates .. in your hands

Blessed be the Winds
May your caress be light
over our heads

Blessed be the Fire
May we stay warm
with your brightness

Blessed be the Water
May the tides be gentle
and light

Blessed be the Earth
May she recover from the onslaught
Of natures whims

Hail Storm Mother Ishtar
Mistress of lightening
We seek your protecting hand
As Nature rages on

Hail Mother Earth
In your summer dress
Changing your face
with a storms race

Hail Mother Innna,
she who faced death
to know and understand us
Shield us now,
with your cloak of light

Hail Mother Oya
Mother of the nine rivers
May the face you show us
Be one with a smile

For eons, life on this earth
has been one of strife
with natures whims

Yet, we are still here
We are the Mothers own
and she holds us in her hand

Blessed be the Winds
gentle was your caress

Blessed be the Fire
Warm was your bight light

Blessed be the Water
The tides we soft and gentle

Blessed be the Earth
Who will see yet another day

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