Rite of Samhain 2007

Circle Round, the fires light
Cold winds blow, into the darkest night
Hail the New year, of the Witches faith
Parted now is the veil
Of life and death, hail to the watihs

Persephone Mistress of the Underworld
Keeper of Earths dark ways
Guide the souls of our loved ones
To gather as we sing their praise

Hekate Mother of  Deaths embrace
Bringer of dreams and protection
We breathe deep the air of your life forces grace
We thank thee for our lives direction

Bridget Mistress of Fire light
Hail our Mother of many faces
We strike on your forge of life's might
To protect our lives this night

Poseidon Great Master of Waters ways
We hail to thee, and we ask for your aid
To bring rains to soothe the lands need

Gather we our memories
of time and loved ones past away
The old, the new, the yet to come
We honor them all this day

Hail my ancestors .. keepers of my life's flight
Hail my loved ones who have gone before me
We are silent in the night
To hear your voices on the wind

We gather for the feast of the Dead
To gain our ancestors ear
We lay our woes on the table before them
And ask for their wisdom so dear

Let us light candles and name the Dead
Let us honor their lives
We speak for those, whose voices are stilled
and pass on wisdom we imbibe

Hail Crone mother, whose face is hidden from the light
Come ye now forward, into our sight
Many souls pass by you tonight
We ask you bless them all
With your enduring might

This night of the New Year do we face our fears
We hold our candles high, as we look back on the old year
Today we live, and tomorrow is gone
Let us remember tonight, there is always a dawn

We have gathered our tools
For the Gods blessings tonight
Aid us we pray thee
To empower the fight

Fine fruits we offer, the table is laid
We thank thee for the harvest
We thank thee for the abundance of forest and glade

Tonight we lay down all our woes
and renew ourselves for the time ahead
Reach out your hands, to your brothers in spirit
Tonight let all men join hands in the light
We welcome them all, this New Years day
And bid them Mothers blessings

Blessings Persephone as a watcher of souls
Hail and Merry Part Mighty Mother

Blessings Hekate for your guidance
Hail and Glad tidings Mother of Darkness

Blessings Bridget Triple Mother of wisdom
Hail and Gratefulness for allowing us to work the forge

Blessings Master Poseidon for Tridents might
Hail and Thank you for your blessings of rain

Web set by yours Truly
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